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We are a network of organizations and individuals committed to the protection of life, which is threatened in today's world by war, abortion, poverty, racism, the death penalty and euthanasia. We believe that these issues are linked under a 'consistent ethic of life'.

We challenge those working on all or some of these issues to maintain a cooperative spirit of peace, reconciliation, and respect in protecting the unprotected.


CL Kids!


All are invited to join our online “Teaching Consistent Life” community of parents, educators, and other youth-serving adults who are passionate about sharing the consistent life ethic, and the importance of each life issue, with younger generations.

Sign up here to participate in our community and to join our evening meet-ups on the first Wednesday of odd numbered months. We come together for honest sharing, with mutually agreed ground rules and skilled facilitators.

There is no hope for the aching world except through the narrow and
straight path of nonviolence.    -Gandhi     

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Consistent Life Action Foundation
Directly helping those in need
The CLAF gives grants to directly help those threatened by violence and the people and groups working to assist them. In addition, the CLAF committee will process pass-through donations. That is, if someone wants to make a donation to a worthy program but also wants to increase its impact by publicizing CLN, then the earmarked donation can be sent to CLAF, and we will contact the recipient and send the funds.

Pregnancy Help Centers provide nonviolent alternatives to abortion.

Community Health Centers can provide alternatives for medical care
otherwise provided by Planned Parenthood.


                                                                                                     But do they?  

We need to see to it!

Witnessing for Peace and Life

we seek a revolution in thinking & feeling


We seek an affirmation of peace & nonviolence, recognition of the value of the life, happiness, and welfare of every person, and all the political and structural changes that will bring this about.

I stand morally opposed to killing: war, executions, killing of the old and demented, the killing of children, unborn and born... I believe that all of life is sacred and must be protected, especially in the vulnerable stages at the beginning of life and its end.


- Sister Helen Prejean

we are united by our commitment to life


Consistent Life (formerly called Seamless Garment Network) is a network uniting many organizations & individuals who support the consistent life ethic of reverence for life, as expressed in our mission statement.


Our work is spreading the consistent ethic vision throughout our communities, our nations, and our world.


We are non-sectarian and non-partisan. We welcome people of any faith and of no faith and people with different political philosophies. We seek to be a diverse network united by a common commitment to the protection of all human life.

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