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#445 The Atlantic Covers Us

March for Life – Actions & Coverage This week’s blog post covers our participation in Roe anniversary events for 2019. Welcome to all the new subscribers! In mainstream media, we got some exciting coverage in a report in The Atlantic: What It’s Like for Secular, Liberal Pro-lifers at the March for Life, by Ashley Fetters (January 19). The subtitle is: “Though some describe themselves as the ‘counterculture within the movement,’ many members of nonreligious and left-leaning pro-life groups feel welcome at the largely Christian, conservative event.” Of course, not all consistent-lifers are “left-leaning” and many of us are quite religious – the Consistent Life Network is non-parti

#444 Price of Roe

Price of Roe – a New Campaign We mentioned a few weeks ago that a writer from Slate, who favors abortion availability, wrote a paragraph concluding that “The price of Roe is all the progressive change we gave up when Roe helped push the center of American politics to the right.” Below we quote from another person identifying herself as pro-choice who nevertheless sees what a mess Roewas. Of course, we’ve long been making the case that Roe v. Wade wasn’t only a horrific decision, but that it sabotaged peace and justice goals. Yet it makes a difference when this problem is noticed by people who aren’t themselves pro-life. There are people wedded to Roe on princ

#443 March for Life, Good Press, Dr. Charlotte Lozier

March for Life – Join Us! We have our events page up for those who’d like to join us in Chicago or Washington DC. We have lit tables at the Expo, the O’Connor conference, and the Students for Life conference, plus our usual post-March Open House meeting. Rehumanize International, as usual, has a pre-March rally. Also, our member group Democrats for Life will hold a Breakfast on the theme “Pro-life for the Whole Life,” with speakers including C.J. Williams and Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, and from there will walk over to join the Rehumanize rally. Included in the related events on the official March for Life page: “Catholic Mobilizing Network is co-sponsoring a special screening of

#442 Pay for Posts, PP Alternatives, Life Matters

Latest CLN Blog Posts – and We Now Pay for Posts We’ve published two recently: ∞ a holiday one on Charles Dickens ∞ John Whitehead on The Wages of War, Part 2: How Forced Sterilization came to Japan. We’ve taken pride in our blog's diversity of topics and authors. We’re trying to add to that diversity by offering a $25 payment for each post accepted. We hope his helps people who’ve had a good post in mind to prioritize getting it written. See guidelines at the bottom of our lists of posts. Alternatives to Planned Parenthood The final tally for 2018 is that 11 PP centers closed, and three opened, for a net loss of 8. This is part of a steady trend of net losses in recent

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