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#350 Commentary/News/Video Roundup - March 3, 2017

Latest CL Blog Destiny Herndon-de La Rosa with New Wave Feminists has agreed to let us run an excellent piece she wrote as an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News: Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty. The piece also covers helping refugees and other vital issues.


Around the Web

∞ “How the New Feminist Resistance Leaves Out American Women,” by Lauren Enriquez, New York Times (February 27, 2017). This is yet more in the flurry of recent mainstream press coverage of pro-life feminism.

∞ “How Pro-life Movement was Born as a Liberal Cause," by Charles Camosy, Crux Now (February 21, 2017). Camosy interviews Daniel K. Williams, the author of the book Defenders of the Unborn (see also our blog post book review and a comment about elections and the quotation below)

∞ “Meet the Pro-Life Millennials: These Young Feminist Women are Taking a Different Kind of Stand,” by Lorena O'Neil, Marie Claire (February 23, 2017). Since the article uses the term “anti-choice,” this clearly isn’t an outlet sympathetic to pro-lifers, but the author has discovered some use of consistent-life reasoning, among other things.


Video: “Sing a Little Louder Jeremy Wiles has produced a powerful 11½-minute dramatization of a Nazi-era German church that had trains going by during services. One day, the train was stopped and the cries of people being transported to the death camps were heard. People were disturbed, but sang louder to drown the cries. This video ends with an appeal that we not ignore unborn children in the way the church members, both in the video and in actual history, pushed out the images right by them.

Sing a Little Louder video

Video: “Dear Future Mom This positive and uplifting award-winning 2-minute video was produced in 2014 by the Italian group CoorDown for World Down Syndrome Day. The video starts with a pregnant woman whose unborn child has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and she wonders what kind of life her child will have. The question is cheerfully answered in several different languages by different Down Syndrome children, ending with some of them hugging their own mothers. This video could have wide use for life-affirming education.

Dear Future Mom video

After watching how beautiful it is, prepare to be stunned: the French government is banning the video on French television, saying it’s inappropriate because the children were "likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices.”


Quotation of the Week Daniel K. Williams, author, Defenders of the Unborn quoted in Crux Now Because the pro-life movement before Roe attracted many liberals, some of the national rallies of the early 1970s were distinctly liberal affairs. The 1973 National Right to Life Committee’s annual meeting featured a keynote address from the liberal antiwar senator Mark Hatfield, who was best known for his opposition to the war in Vietnam. . . . In a symbolic protest against the idea that life began at birth rather than conception, the students imitated draft card burners by throwing copies of their birth certificates into a large recycling barrel.


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