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#377 Campaign Nonviolence, Podcast, Voting - September 8, 2017

Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions We encourage you to look up the Campaign Nonviolence list of actions for their Week of Actions to see what’s happening locally, and attend. If you’d like to pass out leaflets to other attendees to educate them about the consistent life ethic, we have several that can be downloaded and printed up for the occasion. The week is officially September 16 through 23, but some actions close to that time are also on the list. We have formal actions happening: one in Washington, DC, on September 9, The Pro-life March to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and the other two on September 16 in Syracuse, New York, and Kansas City, Missouri. For more details, see our Week of Actions web page. We’re sending out a notice to all our fellow endorsers of Campaign Nonviolence, since the official organization removes our listings without notice– meaning that the abortion defenders among the other groups not only don’t know we exist, but might be left with the left-wing-bubble assumption that a stance against abortion from a nonviolence perspective can’t exist. We’ll let them know otherwise. We expect to send another notice afterward, so if you do show up to your local action and leaflet, or otherwise do anything to promote the consistent life ethic during the Week of Actions, let us know so we can add it to our list – send to



Tony Masalonis

Our board member Tony Masalonis has a 16-minute podcast with the Creighton University Center for Catholic Thought, talking about the consistent life ethic in general and CLN in particular.


Reminder: Life/Peace/Justice Conference in October The Life/Peace/Justice Conference, sponsored by member group Rehumanize International, is October 20-22, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you want to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration discount, the deadline is September 15.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Voting Conundrums

Monica Sohler (pictured with baby Maura)

Most of us have frustrations come election time, and Monica Sohler (pictured with baby Maura) shares her personal journey on this in My Difficulty with Voting: Identifying the Problem. The problem is that major political parties don’t even understand that there’s a problem – underlying their positions is an understanding of people as commodities or numbers or problems. So their “solutions” are how to get rid of problems, rather than working positively for the common good. Monica is excited about a new U.S. political party, the American Solidarity Party. We at CLN are a non-profit and don’t endorse specific candidates or parties, but she’s relating her personal experience and we think people in our community will want to be aware of this party. This post is the fourth in the series to come out of our 30th-anniversary conference, held in August.


Quotation of the Week Conference of Major Superiors of Men (a CLN member group) From 2017 National Assembly Resolution “Gospel Nonviolence: The Way of the Church We resolve to significantly build up nonviolent practices, such as nonviolent communication, trauma-healing, restorative justice, unarmed civilian protection, nonviolent resistance, and nonviolent civilian-based defense. This includes skill training, advocacy, and when possible investment of our resources. . . .

We resolve to offer accompaniment and nonviolent resistance for solidarity and protection of vulnerable immigrants, refugees, oppressed religious and ethnic minorities, elderly, unborn, prisoners and death row inmates, and other marginalized persons along with all of God’s creation.


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