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#392 Grassroots Defunding, Saint and Sultan

January 5, 2018

Grassroots Alternatives to Planned Parenthood
        Our campaign of noncooperation with Planned Parenthood has been growing in new ideas and in people getting excited about it – be sure to check out the web site!
Some updates:
    ∞ We put a new page up on our campaign website focused on 
student activists and campus health centers.
    ∞ We’ll promote the campaign among US pro-life activists during all the Roeanniversary events. While other events are covered, we especially need people to leaflet at:
The Students for Life conference in D.C.
The West Coast Walk for Life

Please contact us at if you can help with any of these events, and we’ll get the flyers to you.
Also, if you want to leaflet your local events with this campaign, there are 
downloadable flyers to print.
    ∞ We still need many hands to make light work: please 
check our listings for your own locality, and let us know any information that can make the listings more accurate or effective.


March for Life 
        As usual, we’ll have a contingent in the Washington, D.C., March for Life, plus a meet-up afterward, and tables at the March for Life Expo and at the O’Connor conference. Our member groups will also have activities. We’re planning a contingent at the Midwest’s March for Life Chicago this year. More information and updates are available on our Roe Anniversary Activities 2018 webpage.

        If you’d like to leaflet about any aspect of the consistent life ethic at your local events, we have a variety of downloadable brochures and flyers you can print.

Peace History from the 1200s
        The US Public Broadcasting System (PBS) recently presented a film called “The Sultan and the Saint” about the time St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Malik-al Kamil spent time together in Egypt, where St. Francis went on a peace mission. In addition to better Christian/Muslim understanding – crucial in today’s environment – the sultan took nonviolent action in the midst of the violent war. Though he had Crusaders trapped, rather than slaughter them, he fed them. The story is dramatized in this documentary, and it’s part of history that everyone should know. 


Latest CLN Blog Post
     The roots of current abortion promotion have a deep history. In the pre-Nazi era, the eugenics campaign was advocated by people who often regarded themselves as “progressive” and “scientific.” How poorly the science was done, and how it connected to racism, bigotry against people with disabilities, and war, is covered this week in another excerpt from John Cavanaugh O’Keefe’s book, The Racism of Abortion. It’s called 
The Jukes and Kallikaks “Studies.”

Quotation of the Week
Thomas Glessner
Supreme Court free speech case could destroy a generation's rights to life and speech
Washington Examiner, January 1, 2018 
(the US Supreme Court case referred to is 
NIFLA v. Becerra)

        Which one of the following is true?
1. Massachusetts has passed a law requiring Alcoholics Anonymous to hang posters at their meetings to advertise where to get alcohol.
2. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that requires Hindu temples to post signs advising on where to purchase hamburger meat.
3. California’s attorney general is fighting to force pro-life pregnancy centers to refer for abortions.

Responses/News tips/Questions to share are all welcome.
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Racism is a Life Issue

On June 28, sponsors associated with Notre Dame University hosted a Zoom/YouTube live-streamed panel on “Racism is a Life Issue,” which is now available on YouTube.

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