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#393 March for Life, Video, Healing Perpetrators

January 12, 2018

March for Life / Roe Anniversary Events


We expect to have contingents in the March for Life Chicago (January 14) and the March for Life in Washington D.C. (January 19), our normal post-March meet-up in D.C., plus other conferences and rallies. See details on our March for Life web page. If you can make it, we’d love for you to join us!

         We’re still searching for people to leaflet for our Grassroots Defunding campaign (finding alternatives to Planned Parenthood) at the Students for Life conference and at the Walk for Life on the West Coast. If you can help on that, or know someone who can, please contact

         Meanwhile, if you want to leaflet your own local events, we have several options at Resources to Download and we have the Grassroots campaign flyers that can also be printed and given out.

Previous March for Life, left to right: Tony Masalonis, Bill Samuel, John Whitehead, Rob Arner, Richard Stith. Names of marchers behind them not known.

Latest Conference Video Up

The latest installment of our 30th Anniversary Conference video series is one of the plenary sessions, a panel that discussed one of the main themes of the conference itself: connecting life issues and bridging the life/peace divide


 Panelists include (left to right, both photos):

Joyce McCauley-Benner, national speaker for Feminists for Life 
Greg Schleppenbach, associate director, Office of Pro-Life Activities, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Shane Claiborne, executive director, Red Letter Christians
Mary Liston Liepold, chair, Pax Christi USA, Metro DC-Baltimore Region 
Kristen Day, executive director, Democrats for Life of America



Latest CLN Blog Post


Sarah Terzo offers “Healing for the Perpetrators: The Psychological Damage from Different Types of Killing.” She considers abortion workers and weaponized drone operators. Their stories illustrate the point and show similarities.

Quotation of the Week

Jim Wallis (CLN Endorser) in Sojourners (CLN member group)
Politically Homeless


      Moral issues of intrinsic concern to the faith community are often disregarded or disrespected by Democratic Party orthodoxy, which often takes extreme or overly strident views on issues like abortion. Many of us in the faith community regard abortion as a moral issue and part of a consistent ethic of life and seamless garment of concern for the many threats to human life and dignity. . . we find the Democrats even reluctant to make a commitment to reducing abortion by supporting women with health care, nutrition, and social services. Many in Democratic leadership don’t seem to want to talk about or even being willing to use the word “reduction” as a positive term in relation to abortion. . . . While a younger generation in the faith community is indeed more welcoming of LGBTQ people than their parents have been, they are not so welcoming of abortion as the Democratic elites seem to be, and the Democratic Party needs to figure that out..

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