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#424 Yemen, Democrats, Ireland - August 17, 2018

Child-Killing War in Yemen A recent atrocity in the war in the Middle Eastern country of Yemen is the air strike killing dozens of children in a school bus. This is merely the latest with high news coverage; civilians have been suffering badly throughout the war. For those under the impression that the reason for United States involvement in this war was to fight Al Qaeda, the group responsible for the September 11 attacks of 2001, there is a new AP investigation showing that the Saudis have actually been making deals with Al Qaeda, helping them keep their lethal capabilities, and that the U.S. military is aware of this.


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Julia Smucker

Julia Smucker (CLN Board member, pictured) writes about all her summer adventures at a wide variety of events in A Series of Conversations About Life Issues.

Marilyn Kopp

Marilyn Kopp (pictured) has an excellent letter to the editor about properly commemorating Women’s Equality Day, August 26, the anniversary of passage of the vote for women in the United States. After detailing the pro-life views of the early feminists, she suggests “let's honor our feminist fore-mothers by paying them the ultimate compliment: Listen to them.”


Alas, We Spoke Too Soon

Kristen Day

We reported recently that the Missouri Democratic Party had voted to welcome prolife members. Votes, however, aren’t always what determines policy. Kristen Day, Executive Director of our member group Democrats for Life (pictured), reports: “The Missouri Democratic Party removed language (just fairly voted on and added a few weeks ago) that would have welcomed pro-life Democrats into the Party. The Chairman held a meeting this morning and made it very clear the pro-life Democrats are not welcome in Missouri.” Democrats for Life put out a statement and Kristen Day has a tweet she asks those inclined to re-tweet.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Ireland Ireland recently had a tragic vote to remove protections from unborn children. Writing from Ireland, Maria Horan in Sinn Féin and the New Legacy of Violence connects the push for abortion with the bloodshed associated with Sinn Féin in the past, with the irony of using the British colonizer’s method of killing now, and with Sinn Féin’s censoring its members’ pro-life views – this last practice being depressingly familiar to those pro-life Americans who’ve tried to be active in the Democratic Party.

Pro-life demonstrators in Northern Ireland


Quotation of the Week Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, January 1973 It is ironic, and profoundly tragic, that a nation which has just concluded a prolonged and unbelievably destructive war in Southeast Asia should now turn to the large scale destruction of its own unborn children. Roe v. Wade is a declaration of war against the unborn – a declaration which, unless reversed or overturned, will mean 500,000 to 1,000,000 fetal deaths per year in the United States. With the possible exception of atomic weapons, no instrument of modern warfare can rival the destructiveness of the abortionist’s arsenal.


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