The Consistent Life Action Foundation, our funding resource for defenders of life, gives grants to directly help those threatened by violence and the people and groups working to assist them. We intend for our awards to support pregnant women and their unborn children; death row inmates; refugees, veterans, and others affected by war; the sick, elderly, and disabled; and more.

Featured activists that our grants are currently funding include:

The Mercy in Action Project of the Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) enables people to raise their voices to stop scheduled executions. CMN facilitates emails, letters, phone calls, and tweets to governors or pardons and parole boards asking for clemency for people scheduled for execution. Since CLAF gave a grant to CMN in 2018, CMN supporters took more than 16,540 actions on behalf of 21 death row inmates. Five executions were stayed, and two sentences were commuted to life! CMN is grateful for the financial support of CLAF, which allows it to mobilize more people to take action to oppose executions.

Precious Children of Portland offers concrete resources to women who need help in their pregnancies and with their young children. These activists advocate for families and provide them with various forms of assistance, including furniture, food, babysitting, and baby showers. Precious Children of Portland exists to help promote and provide for the sanctity and dignity of every human life, born and unborn.

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If you are working to directly help those vulnerable to the threats to life identified in the Consistent Life Network’s mission statement—abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, poverty, racism, or war—then you may be eligible for a grant from the Consistent Life Action Foundation. You don't have to be working on all of our issues, but can't actively/publicly support any of the forms of violence we oppose. Grantees are publicly identified as CLN partners/grantees and are asked to mention us in their own publicity. You can obtain an application here on our website. Our Foundation steering committee will review the application and follow up within a few weeks. See the application with the evaluation method we use.

The Foundation also needs support to continue its work. Our foundation is a separate division of CLN's budget funded by a special donation, but what we have is limited and the needs are great. If you want to support this kind of grassroots work for life, we’re accepting targeted donations to CLAF—as well as general contributions to CLN to help where the need is greatest.

For questions about applying, about donating to the Foundation, or about any and all things CLAF, please contact us at or 1-866-444-7245.

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