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Peacemaking is the greatest need of the world today.  
- Martin Sheen

We charge low fees to our member groups and individuals in order to be as inclusive as possible. At the same time, we are busy organizing and participating in conferences and rallies, researching and writing about the Consistent Life Ethic, tabling at events, printing material such as brochures and pins and shirts, and connecting organizations with one another in order to best further their mission and make the strongest impact. Any and all financial contributions you can make to our organization are extremely helpful.


Membership options:

  • Basic individual member $25 US

  • Basic household member $40 US

  • Supporter $75 US

  • Patron $100 US

  • Group membership (under 100 members) $50 US

  • Group membership (100-500 members) $100 US

  • Group membership (over 500 members) $200 US

If amount is payment for a registration or a product, use the "Add special instructions to the seller" feature in PayPal to explain.

Donations and membership fees to Consistent Life are tax deductible in the USA. Any payments for goods or services provided are not tax deductible.


Other options:


  • Use the online bill payment service of your bank. These often allow users to make donations as well as pay traditional bills. Many offer a recurring payment feature which you could set up to send a donation every month automatically. Check with your bank for details of their service. Many offer this service free of charge. This avoids Consistent Life paying processing fees.

  • Mail a check to Consistent Life, PO Box 9295, Silver Spring, MD 20916-9295.


NOTE: We are far too small to be rated by groups like Charity Navigator, which only rates charities with revenues of at least $1 million a year. We assure you that we stretch the dollars we receive to make the maximum impact.

Consistent life, pro-peace, pro-life banner over CLN members sitting at a table at an event
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