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A major way that Consistent Life has promoted the consistent life ethic has been through advertisements in various publications. We have done many that were primarily our mission statement with lists of supporting organizations and individuals, but we are also trying other types of ads. If you would like to see us place more ads, you can contribute towards that purpose.


In the past, a number of ads have been funded by individuals who wished to support an ad in a particular publication in which they were interested.

Friends Journal Series

We have placed a series of three ads in Friends Journal, an independent publication serving the Society of Friends (Quakers). We present the copy for those ads here in PDF.

  1. Reflections on Abortion and Pacifist Principles - October 2007

  2. The Failed Experiment: Abortion and Women's Rights, Poverty and Racism - November 2007

  3. The Impact of the Abortion Debate on Peace Movement Goals - December 2007

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