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Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

“Precisely because life is sacred, the taking of even one human life is a momentous event.”

David Gushee

"If life is what you are concerned about... then any assault on life, any threat to the dignity of life, ought to merit your moral concern."

David Gushee

"Every life means every life, without exception... Therefore, I oppose abortion, euthanasia, war, murder, poverty, abuse, lack of adequate health care, torture, cruelty, degradation and the death penalty."

Catholic Peace Fellowship

"We insist that these positions are all of one piece, stemming from what Albert Schweitzer called, “reverence for life,” and the consequent obligation to oppose any policy or practice which would give one human being the right to determine whether or not another shall be permitted to live."

Stephen Zunes

"Instead of lashing out against perceived hostile communities, we need to recognize that America's greatest strength is not in our weapons of destruction, but the fortitude and caring of its people."

Rachel MacNair

"The social and psychological dynamics of performing and defending abortions offer many opportunities for stopping widespread feticide. The more we understand these, the more effective we can be as peacemakers in the abortion war."

Richard Stith

"In other words, those who hold both to the truth of human development and to the truth of universal human dignity will seek to respect life from conception."

HH The Dalai Lama

"If we are seriously interested in peace, we must seek to achieve it through peaceful and non-violent means. "

Wendell Berry

"We cling to the hopeless paradox of making peace by making war. Which is to say that we cling in our public life to a brutal hypocrisy."

Lowell O. Erdahl

"Reacting to 9/11, our leaders declared us at war and took the road more traveled by -- the road of a primarily military and essentially unilateral response. Billions were immediately added to the military budget and we began speeding down the road of violence and war. "

James R. Kelly

"The fundamental insight, that objections to abortion and objections to war are rooted in the same moral principles, was present at the very beginning of the modern anti-abortion movement"

James R. Kelly (speech 6/4/10)

"When abortion is characterized as the killing of the unborn, the issue inevitably becomes entwined with just war theory."

Bill Samuel

"The position of these friends was what has come to be known as the 'seamless garment' or 'consistency' perspective... all taking of human life was wrong."

Rachel MacNair

“If abortion is the taking of a human life, some or many of those who perform abortions should suffer certain psychological consequences associated with the trauma caused by hurting others.”

Rachel MacNair

“When violence is presented as a quick way to solve problems, this is not merely unethical but mistaken in premise. Violence generally ends up causing more problems than it solves.”

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