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“CL KIDS!” Youth Education Project

Goal: Teaching young people (from the age of reason and below, up to typical college age) about the value of all human life (and the connections between the life issues.)


Main directions: 

1.         Provide a repository of educational materials that can be used in different settings for different ages, accessible to team members (eventually to the public when we get the project off the ground)

2.         Develop new educational materials that everyone can use

3.         Provide a discussion forum for educators and other interested people – currently have an email group and irregular teleconferences, hoping to start monthly or quarterly teleconferences/webinars this year


Group members include educators, people involved in Sunday schools and youth organizations, people with connections to schools and colleges


Existing materials (item #1 above) include:

Already-published books on peace and life issues such as:

•          Ferdinand

•          History Shows: Winning with Nonviolent Action by Rachel M. MacNair

•          Pat the Gnat and the Broken Chrysalis

•          Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the (Catholic) Church

Books and workshops by Little Friends for Peace

Joseph’s Tunic interactive workshop by Catholic Mobilizing Network

Priests for Life writings on “Talking to Children About Abortion”

Poetry and prose from Rehumanize International’s Life Matters Journal, “Create/Encounter” issues

Sunday School and high school programs/experiences as written up by our group members

Kid-Friendly Activities During COVID-19, on Facebook and Instagram


Materials in development (item #2 above) include:

“We Love Life!” video by and for kids and parents (script drafted)

“Hard to Love” video showing people in danger of abortion, euthanasia, war, death penalty (outline created)

Poems, songs, art


Contact: Dr. Tony Masalonis,, 570-817-1952

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