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Join or Donate

Donation options

We offer several ways to donate online. We encourage you to also send us an email with details, including your contact information. We find we don't always receive the email notices we should from some of the thhird party online services, and they vary in what information they send us.

How to join or donate

1. Use the online bill payment service of your bank. These often allow users to make donations as well as pay traditional bills. Many offer a recurring payment feature which you could set up to send a donation every month automatically. Check with your bank for details of their service. Many offer this service free of charge. This avoids Consistent Life paying processing fees.

2. Online by PayPal right now, using one of the buttons below. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this option.

3. Online through the Ammado service. Ammado offers several different payment methods. This method allows you to donate in any one of dozens of different currencies, while transmitting all the funds to us in the currency (US Dollar) we use in banking. We recommend this method only if you need to donate in a currency you can't use with other options (please do not send us checks in other currencies because of the enormous charges in converting them to US dollars) because processing charges are high and payment to us is delayed. Non-members may give one-time donations. If you join (free), you can also make automatic recurring donations through Ammado. [Enter the amount you want to make recurring, and after you submit it, you will have the opportunity to make it recurring.] Ammado does not collect contact information to pass on to us, only name, so if you want to get our mailings, please send us an email with your contact information, telling us you are contributing through Ammado. Due to high international wire transfer fees incurred when Ammado transmits funds to us, we recommend Ammado only be used by those donating in currencies other than U.S. dollars.

4. Print out a membership form and mail it to us along with a check for your donation. This works great, as it costs us very little to process checks if in US dollars. We prefer you not send us checks in other currencies because the processing fees are extremely high. If you need to send funds in another currency, we prefer you use one of the online methods above because their service charges are lower for foreign currency donations.

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