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#504 Impact of Covid-19

Abortion As predicted, sidewalk advocates outside abortion facilities are reporting an upsurge in women entering. But there’s good news: Planned Parenthood, which owns over half of U.S. abortion centers, has made itself a little less available. News reports and Planned Parenthood announce that 11 PP centers in Illinois will be temporarily closed for several weeks, “consolidating” into a list of six. In New York, PP had an obscure notice saying 6 centers would be closing March 20 or 21. To show they weren’t just closed for the day, the listings for those centers have disappeared from PP’s New York list of centers. Along with 6 others. A total of 12 have disappeared, so a l

#503 Covid-19 Impact

Covid-19 Past pandemics have connections to war (see Quotation below) and cruelty to animals. We can be grateful now that war doesn’t seem to be playing a large role in making things so much worse – let’s hope it remains that way. However, the pandemic’s economic impact is making poverty so much worse. In addition to all the other lethal effects, economic stress can lead to more abortions, even of planned pregnancies. Abortions that wouldn’t have happened otherwise won’t be counted in the official death toll, but there’s a danger that the actual death toll from the disease will be much higher because of them. Voting Against Violence: Petitions for Referendums N

#502 Can we think of creative referendums?

What Creative Ideas for Future Referendums Can We Offer? While we offer current possibilities for 2020 U.S. ballot measures on our website, Peace and Life Referendums, because of our perspective we can offer all kinds of ideas that others might not think of. Perhaps activists in those states or locales where the ideas might be workable will be inspired to do all the legwork necessary to make them happen. We plan to add a page to the website with suggestions and any helpful information we can offer about them. We’ve thought of two so far, but it would be a stronger page with more – and besides, haven’t you had an idea kicking around in the back of your head that you’d like to

#501 Kill it!, Supreme Court, Mr. Rogers

“Kill it!” In the last Democratic presidential candidate debate, Elizabeth Warren took information from a 1997 lawsuit to say that Michael Bloomberg, as a company boss, said to a pregnant employee: “Kill it!” He denies saying this, but Elizabeth pressed him hard. In a later interview, she said she believed the woman. This was an accusation. The Saturday Night Live parody of the debate translated the phrase into “get rid of the baby.” That the normal euphemisms to pretend abortion isn’t violence aren’t being used is interesting. The complaint wasn’t that Bloomberg used harsh terminology. It was that he was commanding what she should do, and engaged in pregnancy di

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