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Consistent Life Network Internships



The Consistent Life Network is seeking a talented go-getter with social media expertise who can clearly and concisely translate the consistent life ethic, and CLN’s various programs and materials, into the language of digital media. The issues a potential intern would need to address would include, but may not be restricted to, defending human lives against the threats of abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, poverty, racism, and war. 


Are you committed to defending human life from violence, creative and independent, and well-versed in using major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)? This may be the opportunity for you to put your skills and talents to use in a way that will save lives and change society.

Past experience with social media strategy and with pro-life, social justice, or peace organizations is preferred.


Internship length is 3-6 months. College students are especially encouraged to apply. Credit may be offered pending your university program’s approval.

Applicants should contact John Whitehead at

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