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#434 Conferences, Yemen, Hollywood, Racism

Sidewalk Advocates for Life Taking advantage of years of experience in nonviolent action at abortion centers offering life-affirming options to pregnant women and clinic workers, Sidewalk Advocates for Life held a successful first conference last weekend. Speakers included CLN endorsers Abby Johnson and Destiny Herndon-de La Rosa. As a group that provides services to help abortion workers get out (currently, 467 former workers), our member group And Then There Were None had a prominent role in the program. The idea of our campaign, Grassroots Defunding: Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood, was so obvious to sidewalk advocates that it got expounded on many times. Rachel MacNair, pro

#433 Price of Roe, Child Abuse, Democrats

The Price of Roe While we’ve long argued that abortion advocacy has sabotaged the goals of peace and justice activists, there seem to be more people noticing this point in places we wouldn’t expect. A recent example: Slate magazine, which generally covers abortion as a “right.” See the Quotation of the Week below. If anyone finds other examples of the point surfacing – that Roe v. Wade has sabotaged progressive goals – in sources that are otherwise pro-Roe, please send it to Rehumanize International Conference – A Huge Success This member group held its annual conference October 12-14. It was as usual a smooth-running success, with eager participant

#432 Nobel Prize, Kavanaugh, Romero

Nobel Peace Prize 2018: Countering Rape as War Tactic The Nobel committee highlighted two people working against war-time sexual violence: Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad (pictured). Dr. Mukwege founded and runs the Panzi Hospital in the Congo. He spends long hours giving medical care, including reconstructive surgery for genital mutilation. He survived an assassination attempt caused by his anti-violence advocacy. Heart-warming stories of caring for pregnant women and their babies are in this story on hope. Nadia Murad, founder of Nadia’s Initiative, is herself a survivor of sexual slavery when ISIS attacked her Yazidi people. She’s written a book called The Last Girl (in the hop

#431 Gosnell Movie-Action Needed, Kavanaugh, Ireland

Call Those Movie Theaters! October 12 is the opening day for Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. Currently, about 180 theaters have booked it. You can check if theaters nearby you are listed. If not, please call your local AMC, Cinemark, or Regal theaters and ask them to show Gosnell when it opens. The National Right to Life Committee reports that pre-screenings across the country are playing to packed houses and captivated audiences. The Gosnell movie team's distributor says that the theater chains really pay attention if enough people phone and demand a movie. They open up screens. So you can make a huge difference. Almost 30,000 people funded the mov

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