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#431 Gosnell Movie-Action Needed, Kavanaugh, Ireland - October 5, 2018

Call Those Movie Theaters! October 12 is the opening day for Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. Currently, about 180 theaters have booked it. You can check if theaters nearby you are listed. If not, please call your local AMC, Cinemark, or Regal theaters and ask them to show Gosnell when it opens. The National Right to Life Committee reports that pre-screenings across the country are playing to packed houses and captivated audiences. The Gosnell movie team's distributor says that the theater chains really pay attention if enough people phone and demand a movie. They open up screens. So you can make a huge difference.

Gosnell movie

Almost 30,000 people funded the movie with crowdsourcing – more of a grassroots effort than is common in Hollywood. The movie stars Dean Cain (Clark Kent/Superman in the Lois & Clark TV series) and is directed by veteran actor Nick Searcy.


Blasey Ford & Kavanaugh: How Do We Get Justice?

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

With peace-studies eyes, the US Senate hearing last Thursday in which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh squared off with opposing views of events demonstrated clearly what’s wrong with the adversarial approach to dealing with crime. The retribution-oriented process ends up being designed to nearly maximize the damage inflicted on survivors of sexual assault who avail themselves of it. For those who don’t, not having any process at all is another kind of damage. Whether Kavanaugh is innocent or guilty, his testimony shows how the retribution-oriented process is a problem either way. For innocent people, it inflicts severe punishment even if no formal punishment is decided upon. For the guilty, the adversarial process brings out the worst in them. Meanwhile, finding the truth is actually hampered by the fact that each side must defend itself. Reconciliation isn’t considered as a possibility. Restorative justice is a process that, instead of punishing, tries to heal the injustice. For comment on this specific case, see The Kavanaugh Hearings Have Demonstrated How Desperately America Needs Restorative Justice (from a perspective assuming Kavanaugh needs to show remorse).


Upcoming Conferences

These events are of possible interest to our supporters; some of us will be attending. We’d love to network with others: Rehumanize International, October 12-14, 2018, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sidewalk Advocates for Life, October 19-21, 2018, Dallas, Texas. Parliament of the World’s Religions, November 1-7, Toronto, Ontario. Two Minutes to Midnight: What We Can Do to Prevent Nuclear War, November 17, Baltimore, Maryland.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Ireland From her personal knowledge, consistent-life supporter Maria Horan writes The Referendum on Abortion in Ireland: The Violation of Rights. The recent election there to overturn protections against abortion wasn’t merely a debate settled by a vote. As Maria notes, the tragic decision to remove protection for unborn children from the Irish Constitution follows the precedent of other forms of violence in the history of Ireland.


Quotation of the Week Richard Stith Making Death Easier Makes Life Harder The Witherspoon Institute: Public Discourse

Richard Stith

Easing access to suicide continues to be debated, usually in discussions of the legalization of assisted suicide (now often called euphemistically “aid in dying”). But there is an argument that may not be heard in such debates: by making death easier, we make life harder. Once suicide becomes readily available and accepted, dependent persons who refuse to choose death will be blamed for voluntarily burdening their caregivers, and for burdening society as well, thus filling the end of their lives with new sorts of suffering.


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