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#475 New Zealand, PP & Title X, Immigrants August 23, 2019

New Zealand Needs More of Our Insight – Right Now!

An extreme abortion bill was introduced in the New Zealand Parliament. It passed its first reading with over 80% voting yes. Public submissions for the bill close on September 19, 2019. Staff has said they’re open to anyone from anywhere in the world submitting comment. Most helpful is expertise and documentation on the trauma of abortion and its ill effects. For more details and a link for online submissions, see Choose Life of New Zealand.


Planned Parenthood News As of August 19, U.S. Planned Parenthood withdrew from the government’s Title X program – turning down money to fund non-abortion services to avoid complying with new rules limiting their referring for abortions. About the ensuring media uproar, CLN board member C.J. Williams comments: “Does PP have a deeper commitment to making a profit off killing the preborn, or to women's health? . . . If you've voluntarily withdrawn from Title X in favor of abortion, Planned Parenthood, why the ruckus as if you've been booted?” In a PBS News Hour report, the expert interviewee stated "We actually saw this play out in Texas a number of years ago, where we did, in fact, see . . . the abortion rate went up . . ." This was vague, but apparently refers to when many Texas centers closed in 2011. One study found abortion numbers up slightly among teenagers – but that was only teenagers. This chart shows abortion numbers as a whole – after 2011, a dramatic decline.

Source: Texas Health and Human Services Commission For those who want to comment to PBS, the e-mail is Meanwhile, we have a report from our member group And Then There Were None that an Arizona jury awarded a former director of three clinics $3 million for wrongful termination. She was fired for whistle blowing about shoddy medical practices.


Immigration Restriction and Abortion We recently covered the history of U.S. immigration restriction and its connection to eugenics during the early 20th century. More recent history is covered in a New York Times article, Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out. We quote from it below.


Presidential Candidate Forum Includes Consistent Lifer! Mark Charles is an independent candidate who was invited along with ten Democratic candidates to participate in the Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum in Iowa on August 19-20. He’s told us face-to-face that he agrees with the consistent life ethic; we’ll have more information about him in future issues.

Mark Charles poses at the event venue


Latest CLN Blog Post Psychiatrist Martha Shuping contributed several chapters to the book Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion. In this post, we adapted a fact sheet she pulled together for wide distribution: Abortion and Violence against Pregnant Women. She covers both Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and homicide.


Quotation of the Week Nicholas Kulish and Mike McIntire Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out The New York Times, August 14, 2019

Cordelia Scaife May eventually found her life’s purpose: curbing what she perceived as the lethal threat of overpopulation by trying to shut America’s doors to immigrants. She believed that the United States was "being invaded on all fronts" by foreigners, who "breed like hamsters" and exhaust natural resources. She thought that the border with Mexico should be sealed and that abortions on demand would contain the swelling masses in developing countries. An heiress . . . with a half-billion dollars at her disposal, Mrs. May helped create what would become the modern anti-immigration movement.


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