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#579 - Peace & Life: Rape/PP Employee Complaints/9-11 attacks - September 17, 2021

Rape Exception

The Texas Heartbeat Bill doesn’t include an exception for rape and incest. When asked, Governor Abbott responded that Texas would put all rapists in jail – rape is intolerable.

This is rather like saying that if we all learned to resolve our differences peacefully, there’d be no more war. If all criminal homicides ceased, executions would also. While true, in the real world we need to do more than assert the ideal (and in this case, no rape is more ideal than post-rape jailing).

Still, as in all these cases, it is going to the root of the problem. It’s refreshing to have someone point out that rape is intolerable, rather than so often happens in the abortion debate, treating it as a given. See our blog posts:


The Women's March - October 2

Starting as a protest against Donald Trump’s policies, the Women’s March of January 2017 had a pro-life feminist contingent, including our member group New Wave Feminists. New Wave had actually been co-sponsors for four days, as we reported, “before they were caught at it – it being easy to catch, since they were upfront about their pro-life views all along. Kicking them out as co-sponsors got much publicity. Of course, they still participated in the March, and found many other women perturbed at how they were treated.”

The March was multi-issue at the time, with abortion rather far down on the list, so being in favor of the rest was easy. This year, while the March still offers Unity Principles that fit with what we advocate, the title says, “We must mobilize and defend our reproductive rights.” Anyone going should expect they’ll be accounted as strongly supporting abortion availability unless they make themselves an assertively pro-life contingent or a counter-protest. Yet so many marchers are unfamiliar with pro-life feminism or the consistent life ethic. We educate everywhere.

Women at March
Destiny Herndon-de la Rosa and Cessilye Smith

Planned Parenthood Employee Complaints

Here are highlights from a report on the 265 Indeed reviews mentioning problems from employees.

About a quarter of them complained about their center being short-staffed or employees over-worked. Almost a third thought management was poorly done. Fifty employees felt they had no voice or weren’t valued. A toxic, hostile, stressful or bullying environment was mentioned by over a fifth of them, as was inadequate pay or benefits.

Smaller numbers but concerning: 18 said there was inadequate time for each patient: 29 said training was inadequate or absent; 13 cited incompetence or unqualified staff; 6 said conditions were unsanitary; 7 mentioned financial improprieties; 6 were worried about Covid practices; and 17 cited racism. Two were asked to lie to inspectors.

This is part of a project of making a “Problems at Planned Parenthood” website, and the full report will be available when that’s published. This will also include over 3,500 Google and Yelp reviews from PP’s clients.


Our Latest Blog Post

Because of the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, John Whitehead considers Hard Questions about the Response to Terrorism: Looking Back on September 11th.


Quotation of the Week

Lisa Harris, abortion doctor

Reproductive Health Matters, September 2, 2008.

In general feminism is a peaceful movement. It does not condone violent problem-solving, and opposes war and capital punishment. But abortion is a version of violence. What do we do with that contradiction?


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