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#598 - Peace & Life: Websites & Events - February 11, 2022

Website Projects

We have some constantly-updated websites (in addition to our main one). Below are updates. More important, we welcome getting information to share, so if you know of any information on these topics, please send them to

Peace and Life Referendums has just added a page: List of Topic Pages. After a referendum is done with, we still share the thoughts we had, knowing that referendums on the same topic might come up again. Ballotpedia does a good job of letting us know about state-wide referendums, but isn’t so good at local ones. So we especially need those who know about local referendums that have to do with any of our issues to let us know.

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It’s been a while since the Price of Roe (= all the change we gave up because of Roe) website has added quotations. This site is designed for people whose support of Roe v. Wade doesn’t go deep because it’s based on which political camp they’re in. In so much discussion generated because of the possible impending end to Roe, more articles may indicate such an overturn might actually help with positive social change in areas other than abortion. If you find one, please send us the link to it.

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Two Planned Parenthood centers have moved from temporarily closed to permanently closed in Colorado. This news is one of the constant updates to Grassroots Defunding: Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood. If you can check your state, you might find that we need an update on either PP or its alternatives for non-abortion medical care in your locale.



Upcoming: Member Group Democrats for Life is having a Congressional Candidate Forum for its endorsed candidates on February 24.

Promo for Congressional Candidate Forum with images of 3 candidates

Recording: Member group Rehumanize International, meetup at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., January 21 (39 minutes).

3 protesters with banner and megaphone
Sister Helen Prejean and Cardinal Wilton Gregory webcam images

Our Latest Blog Post

In Promoting Peace at Home and Abroad: A Challenge for Peace Activists, John Whitehead considers the question of whether peace activists should “devote their energies to opposing wars and other hawkish policies pursued by their own countries? Or should they work against hawkish policies pursued by all countries, everywhere?” He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.


Quotation of the Week

Nancy Flanders

Live Action, October 22, 2021

Daisy is also working to change the law so that children conceived in rape are recognized as secondary victims of the rape. The false solution of abortion treats these children as criminals like their fathers when in reality, they are survivors like their mothers. She is advocating for better treatment and support from the justice system for these children. She is also pushing for victimless prosecution, in which the victim may be too traumatized to testify or she may have died, but the DNA evidence from the child can be used to prosecute and convict the rapist.

Children conceived in rape are not evil, as is evident by the good work Daisy is doing to help women and other people like her who have been conceived in rape. No child deserves to be punished for the crimes of her father and no woman should be made to feel that her child is better off dead for being conceived in rape.


Responses/News Tips/Questions to share are all welcome.


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