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#620 - Peace & Life: Imagine a post-Roe World - July 15, 2022

Imagining an Abortion-Free World

The McGrath Institute held a one-hour webinar virtually on July 5, 2022: Can We Imagine a World Without Abortion? The content is interesting to consistent-lifers and pro-life feminists.

Erika Bachiochi

Erika Bachiochi: Getting back to the original feminist vision, and re-framing what we’re debating.

John Bruchalski

John Bruchalski: Former abortion doctor now practicing a life-affirming approach to medicine.

Charles Camosy

Charles Camosy: Focus on Intimate Partner Violence and poverty as major factors for abortion.

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa of CL member group New Wave Feminists: Practical care for women in poverty.

Sr. Virginia Joy of Sisters of Life: Experience serving pregnant women.

Daniel K. Williams, author of Defenders of the Unborn: Expanding on how social services could reduce abortion.


Dear Green America Staff

We mentioned last week about the need to communicate with groups whose abortion advocacy is inconsistent with their other goals. A couple of our readers sent us the notes they sent:

Tony Magliano

I am a Green America credit card user who supports most of Green America's agenda. And I am a syndicated Catholic social justice, peace, integrity of creation internationally syndicated columnist. Related to Green America's recent comments on the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in overturning Roe v. Wade, I have two of my recent columns to present to you for your honest, open-minded consideration linked here and here.

I look forward to your reply. And I hope we can enter into honest, open-minded, scientific and moral dialogue. I am ready to talk and listen.

For the environment and all life,

Jeanette Wolfberg

Supporting abortion does not help the environment. Some people--often under duress from acquaintances, employers, or society – have their own children killed, get so disheartened that they don't care about the fate of plants and animals.

Many of your comrades in arms, who bellow support of abortion, also bellow for logging, pesticides, GM food, land exploitation, and polluting industries

. . .

Please open your tent to people who oppose abortion. Working for a more healthy environment can embrace people who support, oppose, and are neutral on the abortion issue.


New York Times Covers Our Own Carol Crossed

As one of several people portrayed: For New York’s Anti-Abortion Veterans, Roe’s Fall Is Not a Full Victory: checking in with activists from sanctuary states who have spent more than 50 years fighting abortion.


Updates on Referendums

cartoon ballot box

Putting abortion availability in the state constitution: Thankfully, Arizona didn’t have enough signatures; they started late and didn’t have time. Their page on Peace & Life Referendums will be removed soon. In Michigan, they started earlier and turned in ample signatures, now being verified, so it may be on the ballot there.

cartoon ballot box

Minimum wage increases: now on the ballot in California. Signatures have been submitted in Nebraska. For For Michigan, this is now aiming for the 2024 ballot.


Our Latest Blog Post

memorial stone on site of first nuclear weapon test

The anniversary of the first test of a nuclear weapon is tomorrow; it happened July 16, 1945. John Whitehead discusses the damage in Unholy Trinity: The Terrible Consequences of the First Nuclear Test.


Quotation of the Week

Kristen Day and Sophie Trist, Democrats for Life of America

Newsweek, June 29, 2022

No matter how many times abortion supporters try to tell us otherwise, millions of pro-life Democrats across America know that violence against smaller, more vulnerable human beings can never be a progressive value . . .

Treating children as objects or property perpetuates misogyny, racism, and inequality by perpetuating the peculiar notion that some humans are more human than others.


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