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#634 - Peace & Life: Arrest / Fetal Tissue ? Cuban Missile Crisis - October 21, 2022

Where the Arrests Are

Herb Geraghty, executive director of our member group Rehumanize International and active in the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, is the latest to be indicted for an act of nonviolent civil disobedience done last October. Because of the FACE Act, that could lead to up to 11 years in prison and a fine up to $260,000. Herb has gotten some good coverage and an ability to explain the consistent life ethic in places like National Review and Washington Examiner.

Yet there has yet to be a single arrest for any the upsurge of violent acts against pro-life places associated with the Dobbs decision.

CLN Board member Bill Samuel comments:

“This seems parallel to the Plowshares movement which also involves nonviolent witness against violence, usually resulting in prison terms for those engaging in the witness. Witnessing against violence is treated by governments deeply dedicated to violence as more serious than many acts of criminal violence. They are treated as major crimes because they question systems of violence. Whistleblowing, when it tends to question the system and not just individual bad actors, is treated that way. A violent system is inherently oppressive.”

Rehumanize Conference

As usual, our member group Rehumanize International put on a fine conference online this last Saturday.

screenshot showing speaker Aimee Murphy and a chart graphic illustrating a spectrum of behaviors and circumstances that "we're humans from the womb to the tomb, no matter how guilty, "useless," or inconvenient."
Aimee Murphy presents the basic case
screenshot of four speakers
Session on fetal tissue trafficking. Herb Geraghty moderating, Kristin Turner, Robert Byrd, David Daleiden

CLN Board member Richard Stith comments:

“I was astonished that someone who has been persecuted as much as David Daleiden was so cheerful and so upbeat about how everyone on both sides of the abortion issue is horrified about removing human organs from babies, what he called a second or full commodification of the unborn children, and that they can see the conflict between considering them not to be human beings and harvesting their organs because they are human beings.”

Our Latest Blog Post

This month is the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, a time the world worried about being the closest it’s gotten to nuclear war. With Putin making nuclear threats, now is a good time to review what we learned. John Whitehead offers: Stepping Back from the Brink: The Cuban Missile Crisis and Lessons for Today.

one image of President Kennedy sitting down for diplomacy, another of peace protestors with signs during Cuban Missile Crisis

Quotation of the Week

Brennan Leffler and Marianne Dimain

Global News, October 8, 2022

Critics say the government’s quick expansion of MAiD [Medical Aid in Dying] and insistence that it’s the compassionate thing to do misses an important factor. A massive number of Canadians with disabilities like Cowie are trapped in an excruciating cycle of poverty.

“I get angry at people who say you need to budget better because I just want to say to them, go to hell,” she says . . .

But as her disabilities and pain piled up over the years, her employment options narrowed. That is also a common experience. According to Statistics Canada, only 31 percent of people who are severely disabled are employed . . .

Dr. Naheed Dosani says that kind of poverty and stress is making people sicker, and driving a lot of Canadians with disabilities to consider ending their lives.

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