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#646 - Peace & Life: Post-Roe Life-Affirming Services - January 27, 2023

Making the Case for Post-Roe Life-Affirming Services

Part 1: Building a Post-Roe Future

mom and dad and child with text building a post-roe future

See the statement at signed by several prominent pro-lifers (including, of course, several of us representing CLN). Released and publicized January 19, 2023, it was covered in the New York Times and a Newsweek op-ed. The page is still taking more statement signers.

Suggested policies include: accessible and affordable health care, expanded child tax credits, paid parental leave, flexible work hours, affordable child care, and prenatal child support laws.


Part 2: Make Birth Free

image of mother and child on poster for make birth free

Make Birth Free: A Vision for Congress to Empower American Mothers, Families and Communities is a White Paper by Americans United for Life and our member group Democrats for Life of America. It explains the need for measures such as expanding Medicare (as a precedent, this was done with end-stage renal disease).

This also was covered in the New York Times.


Part 3: Community Health Centers

grass with logo of CLN and text grassroots defunding campaign

Of the 58 PP locations (out of fewer than 600) that had no Community Health Centers (CHCs) within 5 miles a recent check shows 8 have now changed that status. New CHCs have opened up near them.

We’ve updated the list of U.S. Representatives for districts that still lack a CHC near a PP location. Re-districting has made quite a difference – most reps have changed. Lobbying starts afresh to advocate for establishing CHCs near these PP locations.

We’ve now updated our White Paper: Expanding Community Health Centers: An Area of Bipartisan Agreement (January 2023). It includes the whole list of PP locations with no CHC nearby, along with other pertinent information and with the relevant US Representatives. It also includes an explanation for both Republican and Democratic Congressmembers – the White Paper can be handed straight to them.


Upcoming Events


February 4, 2023 - Nationwide Protests at Local CVS & Walgreens

The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) is partnering with many pro-life groups and calling for coordinated protests at CVS and Walgreens stores all over the country on February 4. You can find your local one or offer to organize a local one here. They also offer supplies.

In addition, there have already been, and surely will continue to be, spontaneous protests at various locales around the country. If you and your friends feel so inclined, there’s no such thing as too much proper protesting of these stores.


Boycott / Withdrawal of Purchasing

Goals of not buying from CVS or Walgreens include: make sure they lose more money than they will gain from abortion pills if they offer them as they’ve applied to do, and deter other pharmacies from joining them. So far, Rite Aid is also apparently applying to distribute the pill.

Walmart, Target, and most local pharmacies haven’t yet sought to distribute the pills, so these stores could be alternatives.

Many people can’t switch pharmacies for reasons concerning their prescriptions, but you can easily purchase other items elsewhere. This action becomes more effective when letting CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid know that you’re doing so and why.


Our Latest Blog Post

So much of the rhetoric both for and against euthanasia talks of people who wish to have it, but Ms. Boomer-ang looks at a more dire angle: The Danger of Coerced Euthanasia: Questions to Ask


Quotation of the Week

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

This year [we move] . . . the hands of the Doomsday Clock forward, largely (though not exclusively) because of the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine. The Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been . . .

And worst of all, Russia’s thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons remind the world that escalation of the conflict—by accident, intention, or miscalculation—is a terrible risk.

Responses/News Tips/Questions to share are all welcome.


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