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671 - Peace & Life: Biden Granddaughter/Clusters/Bills/PAS - July 14, 2023

The Worst Hunter Biden Scandal

We’ve naturally paid no attention to possible financial improprieties. But there’s a scandal of disheartening callousness with Hunter, Joe, and Jill Biden that has received a spate of recent media attention, especially with a New York Times article by Maureen Dowd: It’s Seven Grandkids, Mr. President.

Hunter Biden fathered a child under the influence of drug addiction. He doesn’t remember the encounter, but DNA shows he’s the father of four-year-old Navy Joan. While it’s better to keep such things from happening, we work with them when they do, and that’s not the scandal. Here’s the scandal: Hunter took mother and child off health insurance, and has been fighting the paternity suit in court. Joe and Jill Biden say they have 6 grandchildren, and Joe speaks to them every day – but he’s never even met Navy Joan. They’re treating her as a non-person.

Image of a woman and child

It makes a mockery of the Biden promise of women’s “choice.” It becomes an excuse for irresponsible fathers to pretend it’s ok to be irresponsible – to the point of taking offense when a woman makes a choice that doesn’t fit a man’s wishes.


Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

A cluster bomb

These are particularly vicious and usually banned weapons. This illustrates how the spiral of war tends to escalate to become what war defenders say they're fighting against (namely, a violator of international law and human rights). See the psychology insights on war hysteria. The decision is already being defended in grandiose terms like democracy vs. autocracy, as if that justified any and all means toward "victory." Even means that are almost certain to kill civilians.


Important U.S. Legislation

Being reintroduced: the Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act, which would end federal and military executions. Death Penalty Action is leading a campaign including petitions to Congress for individuals and organizations. The Consistent Life Network is one of a wide range of groups that have signed on. We encourage others to do the same.

Our member group Feminists for Life is promoting a Care for Her Act that offers practical support for pregnant women and childrearing.


Quotation of the Week

Thomas J. Perille, M.D. (president, Democrats for Life of Colorado)

Colorado Politics, July 12, 2023

Thomas Perrille

There are certain themes that seem to animate the practice of PAS [Physician-Assisted Suicide] in Colorado. PAS is commonly depicted as “courageous” and critical to maintaining one’s “dignity.” The underlying assumption is that when we lose cognitive or physical abilities, we also lose our human dignity. This is a very ableist perspective. It undermines the value and dignity of those who are sick or elderly and countless other men and women who live and thrive with their disability.

The reality is that being weak and vulnerable is a feature of our journey as humans and not a flaw. And we become more human when we address the needs of fellow humans facing sickness or disability . . .

Can you imagine the message your child, or grandchild might internalize when they see you choose to pursue suicide because you equate human dignity and quality of life solely with physical attributes and eschew all “suffering?” Your suicide may have unintended ripple effects that can lead to tragic suicides in younger members of your family and community. Suddenly, the prospect of PAS seems less courageous and rather reckless.

(see also an August 31, 2020 interview with Perille in the same publication)

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