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681 - Peace & Life: Consistent Pres Candidates - September 22, 2023

Consistent Life Presidential Candidates

Consistent-life candidates are hard to come by and when found are usually running for lower offices. The ones running for U.S. president don’t get much publicity in the mainstream media, but of course they do get publicity in ours.

The American Solidarity Party is a member organization of the Consistent Life Network. They’re running Peter Sonski for president and Lauren Onak for vice-president. They say we can vote our values: Life. Justice. Peace. Planet. They’ll need a lot of help getting on state ballots or being registered as write-ins. Here’s their platform.

Terrisa Bukovinac is running for the Democratic nomination, having been active on the Board of our member group Democrats for Life. Her main reason for running is to give Democrats a voice for abortion opposition. Here’s her stands on issues.

two profile pictures of Peter Sonski, Lauren Onak and Terrisa Bukovinac
Left: Peter Sonski and Lauren Onak, American Solidarity Party; Right: Terrisa Bukovinac, Democratic Primary


Coming up: UN Day Against Nuclear Weapons

The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons is September 26. We encourage you to participate in any local events. The group Defuse Nuclear War is marking the event by coordinating peace actions until the end of September.


List of Journalists

Do any of you have a list of journalists, either in the mainstream media or in other media, who cover abortion (or reproductive politics) as part of their beat? A nationwide list would be ideal, but any regional list, or even just a knowledge of who does it in your locale, would help. We need contact information for a current project, but it would help us to have it for future projects as well. Please let us know at


Our Latest Blog Post

Lori Kerschen

Drawing on an episode of Star Trek and a couple of novels, Lois Kerschen comments on fictional aspects of euthanasia – “Medical Aid in Dying,” or MAID – that give insight into the social dynamics of its dangers, in MAID in Despair.


Quotation of the Week

Daniel K. Williams

If one could travel back in time . . . to observe the first pro-life rally ever held on the National Mall in Washington, DC – a rally which the National Youth Pro-Life Coalition (NYPLC) organized in September 1972 – liberals would have been in evidence everywhere. In keeping with NYPLC cofounder Sue Bastyr’s description of her organization as “an extremely liberal group,” the protest on the Mall featured a keynote address from the antiwar Lutheran minister Richard John Neuhaus, who had served as a delegate for George McGovern at the Democratic National Convention earlier that summer. “The anti-abortion forces are not instruments of political and social conservatism,” Neuhaus declared. “Rather they are related to the protest against the Indochina war, the militarization of American life, and the social crimes perpetrated against the poor.”

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