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707 - Peace & Life: Vigil /Webinar / Elections - May 24, 2024

A Friendly International Reception at May Peace Vigil

Our Vigil against the Nuclear Threat on May 18 went very well, despite drizzly weather. The passers-by outside the White House were very friendly and receptive to the vigil’s message. Several people wanted to take photos with us.

A group of visitors from India were especially enthusiastic, taking many brochures about anti-nuclear peace work.

Visitors from Peru and France were also sympathetic. Thank you to everyone who attended and co-sponsored!

people holding signs with ban the bomb
John Whitehead, Bob More, Bob Cooke, Lucy Duff, Judith Kelly, Verleah Kosloske

Peace Webinar on May 29th:

Registration Still Open

We are co-sponsoring a webinar organized by the Back from the Brink campaign in which author Annie Jacobsen will discuss her best-selling book Nuclear War: A Scenario, on the nuclear threat. Member groups Feminists Choosing Life of New York and Pax Christi USA are also co-sponsoring.

The talk and accompanying panel discussion will be on Wednesday, May 29, at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT/5 pm PT. Registration is free.


U.S. Elections

Two more referendums dealing with poverty have come to our attention. Oklahoma has a petition drive to put minimum wage on the ballot in November. California will put a measure to allow for low-rent housing without having to have a local election to decide if it’s allowed.

Unfortunately, the Nevada petition drive for abortion has gathered and turned in twice the number of signatures needed. Nevada allows abortion already, so this is an effort to cement that.

Remember also as the August and November elections gear up that we have a page on our main website offering suggestions for Actions at Election Time.


Our Latest Blog Posts

woman holding a globe

CLN President Christina Yao Pelliccioni discusses The Dangers of Climate Change for the Pregnant and Pre-born.

Heather Idoni
Heather Idoni

Pro-life activist Heather Idoni (pictured) has suffered outrageous treatment, and medical neglect in prisons and jails has been shown to be lethal in many cases. Sarah Terzo explains in Mistreatment of Incarcerated People: One Nonviolent Activist's Experience and the Broader Problem.


Quotation of the Week

John P. Slattery

America magazine, May 16, 2024

Modern society would look very different were it not for the impact of eugenics, and the same could be said about racism, slavery, misogyny, warfare and colonialism. And like these other evils, traces of eugenics can be found everywhere. We live in a world formed deeply by eugenics practices and policies and questions, a world where biological politics are commonplace and biological power is perhaps the greatest power of all . . .

And though I would like to end with this clarion call to oppose eugenics, I fear the rot is more systemic than interpersonal, better served with long-term dedication to those with disabilities and those cast aside and underfunded in foster care, in hospitals, in group homes, in prisons. We must shift not only our entire selves, but our workplaces, our governments and our communities to unravel the systems that continue to devour the vulnerable, and to build systems that protect and serve them.

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