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#458 Sri Lanka & Yemen, Immigration & Eugenics

Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Yemen We’re horrified by reports of massacres once again, this time by the Easter Sunday carnage in Sri Lanka. This country had a series of civil wars, 26 years and over 100,000 deaths. The hope that war ended in 2009 is dashed – as is common in the aftermath of wars. The model of using bombs continues to be followed. Even individual criminal homicides tend to go up as a result of wars. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the U.N Assistance Mission documented 581 civilians killed in the first quarter of 2019 by U.S. & Afghan forces. The Taliban added many more - but not quite as many. Several news outlets reported this. Yet in Yemen, while m

#457 Nuke Protesters, Sight Unseen?

Petition to Release the Kings Bay Plowshares Protesters Our friends the Kings Bay Plowshares activists engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience April 4. 2018 (the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.) by trespassing on to a U.S. naval base in Georgia where nuclear weapons are kept. Their witness was intended to follow the biblical command to “Beat swords into plowshares” and to demand the abolition of nuclear weapons. As their case goes to trial, a petition is now being circulated calling for their case to be dismissed and for people everywhere to dedicate themselves to nuclear abolition. Signers include several Nobel Peace laureates and CLN endorser

#456 Peace & Life:Unplanned, Art, Parker, Orwell

Unplanned as a News-Maker The success of Unplanned, a Hollywood movie recently released in theaters, achieving the rank of fourth highest watched in its first weekend, has been noted in sources unsympathetic to its core pro-life message. This includes The New York Times, “With ‘Unplanned,’ Abortion Opponents Turn Toward Hollywood,” and Slate, “I Saw the Hit Anti-Abortion Movie That the “Social Media Masters” Don’t Want You to See: It was quite a trip.” The movie tells the story of Abby Johnson and how she went from Planned Parenthood clinic director to pro-life activist. Abby is one of our endorsers. Ashley Batcher plays Abby Johnson; here she sees for the first time a son

#455 Unplanned, Rwanda, Peace in Trouble

The Movie Unplanned is a Success! The Good News: Consistent-life endorser Abby Johnson reports: “Unplanned exceeded every expectation that was set for it. And then some. According to a Forbesarticle, the movie, and its success (Ya'll, we beat Captain Marvel in a key cinema score!) was a miracle. And getting my story onto the big screen certainly was. But do you know what is an even bigger miracle? What is happening NOW; the conversations, the conversions, and the abortion clinic workers contacting our ministry [And Then There Were None] because they have been touched by what they saw on the screen.” The Hollywood Reporter says Unplanned played in over a thousand theate

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