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705 - Peace & Life: New Book / Comedians - April 26, 2024

Problems at Planned Parenthood – Book Report

The Problems at Planned Parenthood website documents things like health violations, malpractice suits, sexual abuse, etc. People who might favor Planned Parenthood – donors and referrers, for example – find a let-the-facts-speak-for-themselves approach.

Hot off the presses, there’s now a 178- page book version of the information.

Sponsored by the Problems at Planned Parenthood committee, complimentary copies are available. If you have information on referrers or donors to PP, or journalists who might cover PP, or additional documentation not yet covered, please send that to

book cover with various images illustrating problems at planned parenthood


Insights from Comedians

“This week Donald Trump said he supports abortion laws being decided by the states instead of the federal government. But why stop there? Why not go even smaller, and leave it up to the counties, or the cities? Or even better, take the government out of it completely, and leave the choice about what women can do with their bodies to the person who knows what they can do with them the best – their husbands.”

Che then used his usual facial expression for making an egregiously sexist joke. The audience roared as customary. But that ending twist has more verisimilitude than abortion supporters generally admit.

screenshot of comedy newscast with Michael Che

About abortion, pro-life absolutists “think it’s murder. And it kind of is. I’m just okay with that. I am. I mean, there’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you. That’s my position on it . . . You’re pro-choice? That’s your position too.”

At least he’s honest.

Bill Maher

More positively, HBO’s John Oliver has recently had informative segments on Executions and on problems caused to low-income people by Medicaid.

John Oliver

Rally Adventures

CLN Board member Richard Stith reports from Valparaiso Indiana:

The state leader of NOW tried to convince the organizer of today's rally to exclude our sign [pictured]. That organizer finally gave in by saying our sign didn't specifically address Palestine. When we added the flag, she said that was fine. But a couple of others said they would leave if we stayed with our sign. So we left the sign aside because we didn't want to cut down on the folks participating in the peace demonstration. I made a small sign saying "STOP THE KILLING NOW!" Plus my T-shirt saying "I'm already against the next war."
The head of NOW gave a fairly balanced talk. She mainly criticized Israel, but she also made clear that Hamas was wrong to do what it had done to set things off. I complimented her on her talk afterwards, and she said thanks.

peace protestors with sign
Rosemarie and Richard Stith

Our Latest Blog Posts

If there’s anything pro-life and pro-choice perspectives agree on, wouldn’t it be opposition to coerced abortions? Amazingly, the Kansas governor vetoed a bill to protect women. In Coerced Abortion, Sarah Terzo explains this and tells stories.

In Trump Sabotaging the Pro-Life Movement, Rachel MacNair reports on comments made by conservative pro-lifers in mainstream media responding to Trump’s recent position statement on abortion.


Quotation of the Week

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Thousands of innocent people have died in this conflict, and thousands more have been displaced and face tremendous suffering. This must stop . . .To move forward, a cease fire and a permanent cessation of war and violence is absolutely necessary. To move forward, those held hostage must be released and civilians must be protected. To move forward, humanitarian aid must reach those who are in such dire need.

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