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#489 Let Us Give Thanks

Let Us Give Thanks Historical Forms of Killing That Used to Be Socially Approved and Rampant but Can Barely Be Found Now Duels Gladiator games Burning of “witches” and “heretics” Historical Forms of Killing That Used to Be Socially Approved and Widespread Yet Are Now Fairly Uncommon in the World: Executions for crimes other than homicide Public killing or torture to “set an example” Ceremonial human sacrifice Law-enforced slavery Lynching, tar-and-feathering, and other vigilante mob violence Current Forms of Killing – Signs of Subsiding Abortion As of September 19, 2019, the Alan Guttmacher Institute headlines the abortion rate in the United States is still dropping. They being

#488 Democrats, Referendums

Dems: Action Alerts Act Blue is a conduit for on-line donations to Democratic organizations. Our member group Democrats for Life (DFLA) being such a group, they applied. They support Democratic stands on healthcare, paid leave, and similar life-affirming positions. They only support Democratic candidates. But since they oppose abortion, Act Blue turned them down. DFLA asks this: “If you have an ActBlue account, contact them to say that, as a pro-life Democrat, you will be canceling your account until they follow their own policy to allow any Democrat to use their tools.” Another problem: the Democratic Attorneys General Association has decided they won’t support any pro-l

#487 Combinations, 2020 Abortion Referendums, Stewardship

A Couple of Combinations We’d Like to See There’s a campaign for Sanctuary for Life cities – Pearl, Mississippi has already signed up – sponsored by the Personhood Alliance. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to have sanctuary cites for migrants (see video from Vox) and Sanctuary for Life cities be the same cities? Never mind about “red” and “blue” – the principles of compassion and human equality are the same. The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), has published a list of colleges and universities helping to build U.S. nuclear weapons. Now that California has legislatively ordered its student health centers to become abortion facilities by off

#486 In the News, Referendum on Slavery, Berlin Wall

Consistent Life Ethic in the News Our member group Rehumanize International’s recent conference, which we co-sponsored, received coverage in the National Catholic Reporter. In the article, Don Clemmer discusses the conference’s theme of how people involved in violent systems can leave them. He interviews several speakers and attendees from the Consistent Life Network, including President John Whitehead, Vice President Rachel MacNair, and Board members Julia Smucker and Sarah Terzo. In a related article, Clemmer examines the work of Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson (pictured), a pro-life Democrat who also spoke at the conference. Appeal for Death Row Inmate From our member

#485 Dresden Bombing & Fetal Corpses

Reactions to the Dresden Bombing/Fetal Corpses Connection Last week’s quotation, plus this week’s below, is about Ulrich Klopfer, the abortionist whose recent death led to discovering thousands of babies’ bodies stored. Two commentaries - Richard Stith: This reminds me of the public statements of our local Valparaiso abortionist of many decades, Dr. Frank Behrend. His family escaped from the Holocaust in Germany during his childhood. The guy clearly was affected by his experience. He later justified his abortion practice by comparing it to Hiroshima and to a firing squad, pointing out that, although he is indeed killing human beings, the legal killing of human beings is not u

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