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#487 Combinations, 2020 Abortion Referendums, Stewardship November 15, 2019

A Couple of Combinations We’d Like to See

There’s a campaign for Sanctuary for Life cities – Pearl, Mississippi has already signed up – sponsored by the Personhood Alliance. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to have sanctuary cites for migrants (see video from Vox) and Sanctuary for Life cities be the same cities? Never mind about “red” and “blue” – the principles of compassion and human equality are the same.

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), has published a list of colleges and universities helping to build U.S. nuclear weapons. Now that California has legislatively ordered its student health centers to become abortion facilities by offering medication abortions, and other universities participate in abortion by referring and pushing for abortions with their students, we’d love to see campaigns on those specific campuses link together opposition to both of these horrific forms of killing.


Upcoming Referendums The U.S. is having a major election November 3, 2020, and we started a list of U.S. state referendums in a blog post. We plan to launch a website called Peace & Life Referendums on January 6. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight some of them. This week: Abortion So far, there are several abortion initiatives in the works.

In Louisiana, one is already on the ballot: the Love Life Amendment to say there’s no “right” to abortion in the state constitution. It was sponsored in the state legislature by Democrat Katrina Jackson (pictured), who spoke at the recent Rehumanize International conference in New Orleans. In Kansas, the state supreme court has already declared a “right” to abortion, so pro-lifers are asking the Kansas legislature to put a similar amendment on the ballot for Kansas. Other initiatives are currently gathering signatures. In Colorado, stopping late-term abortions; Washington state, parental notice to protect minors. Michigan has two, as pro-lifers disagree on what’s most effective: a dismemberment late-term ban, or a ban once there’s a fetal heartbeat. We’ll add writing, videos, and artwork to the new website to help educate people on the connections to consistent-life issues. Anyone wanting to contribute those, or simply offer points that should be made or links to other good websites, can send them to


Latest CLN Blog Post: Stewardship Tom Taylor offers Stewardship and the Consistent Life Ethic – a look at how this positive virtue fits into all the issues of opposing violence. Note: Since we now have over 40 authors for our blog, we’ve just created an Authors Page that lists them with their photos and links to what they wrote.


Quotation of the Week Gabrielle Wee Untitled blog post, April 18, 2012 Is it any wonder that many of us cannot even conceive of true selflessness? That the notion that someone might actually want good things for you and might actually not expect anything in return and might actually not just be doing it because “it feels good to do good things” seems so foreign and strange? Should we be surprised? It’s all we know. And this is the root of the culture of death. This is where death starts. It doesn’t start in war zones or brothels or abusive homes or abortion clinics or execution chambers. Those are its manifestations, but that’s not where death starts. Death starts with people as things. It starts with “you are only as necessary as you are useful.” It starts with “you are not precious; you are replaceable.”

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