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#329 Petition to the Media - September 23, 2016

We Launch a Major Petition Drive to the Media Are you tired of seeing abortion opposition presented by people the media seems to select to fit a stereotype? We want to communicate to the media that there are thousands of us who are much more diverse than that, and we have a vision for less biased coverage. The petition is called Include Feminists & Peace Advocates When Covering Pro-Lifers. One thing we as a network of organizations can be particularly good at is drawing together different groups for just this purpose. So in addition to explaining the need for improve media coverage, we offer suggestions for groups the press can contact. [NOTE: This paragraph was for our email subscribers] We’ll be sending out a special e-mailing focusing just on this petition, to come out soon after this issue does. You can forward it directly on to your friends, and to listservs of people who might be interested in signing.

Maria Oswalt and Rosemary Geraghty


Check Your Birth Privilege Entitled “Sister Simone Campbell’s Inconsistent Life Ethic,” Charles Camosy has written an excellent commentary that explains how inconsistent it is not to include the protection of prenatal children in social justice advocacy. He points out that if some people think they wish to protect the children but that governmental laws are not the best way to do it, that’s about the same as conservatives who vigorously oppose poverty but don’t think that governmental programs are the best way to do that. Such governmental programs are Sister Simone’s main campaign. He suggests that in the language of checking white privilege or class privilege, we should also check our birth privilege.


Campaign Nonviolence Week of Action is Happening Over 700 actions are happening around the world to promote nonviolence in the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions 2016, If you have photos of your local action to share, send them in to Below we show one with CL Board Member Lisa Stiller from Oregon.

Campaign Nonviolence Action in Portland, Oregon

Lisa Stiller and Eileen Specs in Oregon


Latest CL Blog – If Men Could Get Pregnant The idea that “if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament” has been kicking around for many years, and we just recently had two people comment on it independently of each other. They had markedly different perspectives. This got Rachel MacNair to thinking about the point, since there are several more ways of looking at this idea. She expounds on them in “If Men Could Get Pregnant.” We also report that a recent blog of ours was picked up by LifeSiteNews, who published excerpts of Richard Stith’s “When ‘Choice’ Itself Hurts the Quality of Life.”


Quotation of the Week Patrick Mahoney (on Facebook, July 1, 2016) Sharing this by way of observation and food for thought. I know there has been much discussion in the pro-life community about the use of graphic victim imagery. Over the past few months, I have been building relationships with well-known progressive leaders who are strongly pro-choice. As we discussed the issue of gun violence, they suggested that we get permission to show pictures of the "victims" of gun violence around the nation. When I asked why, they replied our showing the victims of abortion across the nation had been so powerful in addressing abortion they wanted to achieve the same results on the issue of gun violence.


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