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#332 Slate Coverage!, Trump Tape - October 14, 2016

Hallelujah! Fantastic Cover Story in Slate Slate is a major online newsmagazine whose abortion coverage practically always assumes a “pro-choice” readership, often put in extreme terms. Yet on Tuesday, October 11, a top story called “The New Culture of Life” considered in depth approaches such as the consistent life ethic, pro-life feminism, secular perspectives, human rights reasoning and, most highlighted of all, young people. Many of our member groups and endorsers were featured. We hope this is a sign of things to come. Author Ruth Graham even notes that the US Democrats would do well to tap into this youthful pro-life energy: “Does Trump’s sanity-threatening candidacy create an opening for Democrats to capture the next generation of pro-life voters? It’s tempting to think so: A young pro-lifer who also thinks of herself as an antiwar feminist is not an otherwise traditional Republican voter.” It may be that we’re entering an era in which the long-standing practice of ignoring our existence may be breaking down. To be proactive in bringing that about, be sure you’ve signed and gotten your friends and groups to sign our Petition to the Media: “Include Feminists and Peace Advocates When Covering Pro-lifers.”

Cover story graphic: left, Kelsey Hazzard; right, Aimee Murphy


“Locker-Room Talk” Connections William Saletan of Slate offered a cogent insight on last week’s US presidential candidate debate: “Why did Trump answer a question about sexual assault by pledging to block refugees and knock the hell out of ISIS? Because to him, it’s all about power. He’s proud of the macho image in the tape, even if he regrets that his language was graphic enough to hurt him politically. The guy who talks big in the locker room is the guy we can count on to break some heads.” Talk that leads to sexual assault – or to any sex resulting from a sense of male privilege by men that a woman doesn’t want to co-parent with – can also lead to lethal consequences for unborn children. Such talk does enough damage that a mere apology isn’t enough to make amends. We need an assertive and positive program to communicate to men how entirely outrageous and unacceptable “only words” can be.

Photo: Sign held by a man at a pro-Trump rally, October 10, 2016: “Better to Grab a P***y than to Be One”


Latest CL Blog Mary Bennett wrote a movie review for Mothers and Daughters (2016), which tells the story of a woman who finds herself in an unexpected pregnancy and after briefly contemplating abortion, chooses life for her child. It's a heartwarming film that stars several renowned actresses.


Quotation of the Week John Dear The Holy Spirit of Peace, May 28, 2004 But before we pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit of peace upon us, I think it is helpful to name the horrific reality of these dark times, namely, that we are possessed in varying degrees by the evil spirit of war and violence. The evil spirit seeks to discourage us, and to keep us quiet, indifferent, apathetic and afraid. The evil spirit wants us to mind our own business and look the other way while it stirs up war and kills our sisters and brothers. The evil spirit is behind every act of violence, every bomb, every murder, every execution, every abortion, every assassination, every starvation and every war.


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