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#335 Voting & Referendums - November 4, 2016

US Elections – November 8 We consistent-lifers have different voting strategies on candidates, but we’ll probably vote similarly on those referendums that involve stopping violence (see below). We need to again make one point clear, because the time close to elections is when this particular misunderstanding often comes up: the consistent-life ethic is not a way for politicians who are awful on abortion to get a pass by saying they’re at least good on other issues. People can use the entire range of issues to decide which option they think is the lesser evil. Others think a candidate being against abortion outweighs everything else. Both strategies have been asserted by consistent-life sympathizers, but neither is a consistent-life strategy. The only consistent-life voting strategy is to vote for consistent-life candidates. Those being few and far between, consistent-life voters vary greatly in how they’ll approach their vote. The best role of the consistent-life ethic in elections is to challenge candidates: Why are you inconsistent by opposing some forms of killing human beings, but not all forms? Rather than taking sides, we’re raising questions.


The US State Referendums We’re Watching Please be sure to contact all your family and friends who live in these states to be sure they’re aware these are on the ballot and what they mean. Campaigns will also welcome last-minute donations. We’re expecting to put out a special issue, probably on Wednesday, to let you know how the votes went on these referendums involving our life issues. Assisted Suicide / Euthanasia

Colorado - No on Proposition 106

ColoradoProposition 106 would legalize physician-assisted suicide. (See quotation below). Death Penalty

California - Yes on Proposition 62

California – An initiative petition for abolition is Proposition 62, The Justice That Works Act. There is also a pro-death penalty referendum, Proposition 66.

Nebraska - Retain death penalty abolition

NebraskaQuestion 426 to retain the abolition passed by the legislature - "Retain" is the vote to replace the death penalty with life parole.

Oklahoma - Vote No on State Question 776

Oklahoma – The legislature put this measure on the ballot to affirm the death penalty in the state’s constitution, State Question 776. There are a few other referendums that might interest some of our readers. These aren’t on our issues directly, but deal with stopping violence: Question 3 in Massachusetts would help prevent cruelty to farm animals. Gun violence is addressed by California Proposition 63, Maine Question 3, Nevada Question 1, and Washington Initiative 1491. Check the web for more details if you’re interested.


Latest CL Blog Carol Crossed offers the Parable of the Bridge. What do we do when people are drowning – help them immediately, or figure out why they’re in the river in the first place and stop them from being tossed in? There actually are many approaches, and all are needed.


Quotation of the Week William Toffler, Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2015 A Doctor-Assisted Disaster for Medicine: As a physician in Oregon, I have seen the dire effect of assisted-suicide laws on patients and my profession. Also concerning are the regular notices I receive indicating that many important services and drugs for my patients – even some paid medications – will not be covered by the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program. Yet physician-assisted suicide is covered by the state and our collective tax dollars. Supporters claim that physician-assisted suicide gives patients choice, but what sort of a choice is it when life is expensive and death is free? Editor’s Note: See also an October 19, 2016 story: Insurance denied her chemo treatment. But it covered drugs for suicide.


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