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#344 Fantastic Press, Women's March - January 20, 2017

WOW! An Upsurge of Fantastic Mainstream Press Coverage The Women’s March of January 21 is timed to respond to Donald Trump’s inauguration by advocating for marginalized people. Unfortunately, in their platform, the organizers marginalize the tiniest human beings, using common euphemisms disregarding the brutality (to both mother and child) of killing them. Yet we’re already aware of six major media articles that cover questioning of their “pro-choice” assumption:

The Washington Post:


Carol Crossed, Aimee Murphy & Erika Bachiochi

Left: Carol Crossed. Right: Aimee Murphy. Bottom: Erika Bachiochi

The Atlantic:

These Pro-Lifers Are Headed to the Women’s March on Washington. Is there room in the movement for people who morally object to abortion? by Emma Green

The New York Times:


Offers for Partnership Turned Down New Wave Feminists applied to be a partner in the March, was accepted, and then rejected, with the march organizers issuing a public apology that they were accepted. CL endorser Abby Johnson, with And Then There Were None, also applied for her group to be a partner. She reports a phone call turning her down “because all partners ‘must be supportive of women's reproductive rights.’ I told her that wasn't a problem because we absolutely support reproductive rights, as long as they don't infringe on the rights of individual human beings in the womb. I guess she didn't like that . . . I'm going. I'm marching. I hope some of you will be there to join us.” CL Board member Sarah Terzo comments: “When Trump was running for president, pro-choice groups encouraged pro-life women who were against Trump's misogyny to vote for Clinton. These pro-choice groups were more than happy to ask pro-life women to put aside their beliefs on abortion and join them in unity. . . . It seems like pro-choice feminists have no problem with pro-lifers compromising themselves to work with them when it suits their interests, but they have no interest in accepting pro-life feminists and showing tolerance themselves.” CL Board member Lisa Stiller wrote a statement called “Why I am Walking in the Women’s March as a Pro-life Feminist,” a blog post for our member group Democrats for Life.

Abby Johnson, Sarah Terzo & Lisa Stiller

Left: Abby Johnson. Middle: Sarah Terzo. Right: Lisa Stiller.


We’re There: Women’s March

We plan contingents in several of the marches around the U.S., to make the case for the consistent life ethic and for pro-life feminism. If you go to your local march with a sign or any of our downloadable flyers to print and pass out, either alone or grabbing some friends, please take photos. Send them in to by Tuesday morning. We anticipate reports on these events being our next blog post.


We’re There: March for Life See our March web page for full details on our presence in the events around the U.S. mourning the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.


Quotation of the Week Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from a Birmingham Jail In a real sense all life is inter-related. All [people] are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.


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