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#360 Comedy, Slate, Health Care - May 12, 2017

Again, Comedian Humanizes the Baby Though The Daily Show with Trevor Noah takes a clearly pro-abortion view on the few occasions when the topic comes up, Noah followed the common rule that unborn babies are real people whenever the topic isn’t abortion. On the April 19, 2017 show, 40 seconds in, the joke was: “The big news everyone is talking about – Serena Williams is expecting a little baby, y’all! (Applause). Yeah! Congratulations, Serena. Although I must admit I was disappointed to find out she was pregnant when she won the Australian open. Which is not cool, because technically, that’s a doubles match. Cheating!”

Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

Other examples of this are a recent segment by Seth Meyers (9 minutes in), Seth Meyers back when he was at Saturday Night Live (video no longer up, but we described it), and a lengthy skit by Conan O’Brien (Part 1 and Part 2).


Susan B. Anthony’s Stand Slate is a thoroughly pro-abortion online newsmagazine, but Ruth Graham has an article in which CLN co-founders Carol Crossed and Rachel MacNair are mentioned: “The Battle Over Susan B. Anthony: Behind a quiet house museum are anti-abortion activists with a mission: to claim America’s most famous historical feminist as their own.” The sub-title refers to our member group, the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum. The expected bias shows, but more pro-life information is offered than we’re used to.


Week of Action: Campaign Nonviolence As we mentioned last week, we’ve explained in a blog post how Campaign Nonviolence has a program of a Week of Actions -- this year, September 16-24 – for people to promote nonviolence. Yet the handful of actions we or our member groups offered were taken down from the listing without notice. So -- actions promoting nonviolence that aren’t included on their web page will go up on ours. Meanwhile, if you’d like to discuss possibilities for local actions you have in mind, please contact Rachel MacNair at 816-753-2057 (US Central Time Zone).


Latest CL Blog: Removing Health Care Access is an Act of Violence The U.S. House of Representatives passed health reform legislation, the “American Health Care Act” (AHCA) on May 4, Lisa Stiller has written about her concerns with the bill. The Senate will of course have a different bill. In addition to Lisa’s concerns, another problem is that it’s been announced that no women are on the panel tasked to come up with the Senate version.


Quotation of the Week Lori Szala The Problem With Linking Abortion and Economics New York Times, May 9, 2017

Lori Szala

Editor’s note: We’re pleased to see this excellent opinion piece in this newspaper, from an explicitly pro-life author. Szala is responding to the argument that women need abortion to avoid poverty. Above all, it’s a profoundly dehumanizing argument. It reduces mothers and their children to mere economic objects, and amounts to saying we are justified in killing those who impede our economic progress. Parenting presents undeniable challenges, but no one argues that those challenges give parents the right to kill their children. It’s also patronizing, and patently dishonest. Of course unplanned pregnancy presents challenges. But it doesn’t have to lead to economic failure. Abortion is society’s easy way out — its way of avoiding grappling with the fundamental injustices driving women to abortion clinics.


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