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#365 Billboard Duel, Nonviolence on Nazis? - June 16, 2017

Dueling Billboards A Cleveland abortion clinic has put up several billboards saying “I’m grateful for my abortion.” Our member group Feminists for Life has responded with three new billboards saying “Peace Begins in the Womb.” Marilyn Kopp, coordinator of the Feminists for Life campaign, is pleased to report that the fundraising came not from large grants but from many small donations from the grass roots.

Peace Begins in the Womb


NPR Interview A National Public Radio talk show in Rochester, New York, did an interview with Fr. Thomas Rosica. The part on the consistent life ethic is minutes 24-28. Fr. Rosica is English language media attaché for Pope Francis and CEO of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation in Canada.


June 17 Ban-the-Bomb Actions For those in New York who wish to join the Rehumanize International contingent at the Ban the Bomb march, contact CJ Williams at 854-302-0466 or Our Washington, D.C., vigil is in front of the White House from 10am to noon; if more information is needed, contact John Whitehead at The date of June 17 is important because of the United Nations treaty negotiations, starting June 15, on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Be sure to watch the news for coverage of the treaty negotiations and the protests.


Latest CL Blog: Would Nonviolence Work on the Nazis? Pacifists have long been asked the question – what about the Nazis? Although a large part of the war against them didn’t fit “just war” criteria, and was only “successful” after destroying cities and causing millions of deaths, the question still remains as to whether the idea of using nonviolent campaigns against Nazis wouldn’t be naïve. That this idea isn't naïve is shown by the fact that such campaigns did indeed happen and were successful in the goals they set. This shows the potential for what could have happened had there been more of them. Rachel MacNair offers major examples. Beyond that, we offer more connections, as customary for the consistent-life mind. Abortion and euthanasia were the beginning steps for the Nazis murdering people on the scale they did.


Excitement is Building! Our 30th anniversary conference, "Creating a Holistic Culture of Life: Bridging the Life/Peace Divide" is shaping up to be a golden opportunity for hearing excellent speakers, attending inspiring workshops, and networking with compassionate people to help grow the movement. We’ve just added two additional workshops: The Consistent Life Ethic and Meeting the Challenges of Taking on Racism

Cassandra Hill, Darren Calhoun & Brandon Munson

Led by Cassandra Hill (Covenant Freedom Church, pictured left), Darren Calhoun (Chicago activist, pictured middle), and Brandon Munson (Church of the Holy Comforter, pictured right) and The Consistent Life Ethic and the LGBTQ Community.

Kristyn Komanacki & Cecilia Brown

Led by Kristyn Komarnicki (Evangelicals for Social Action, pictured left) and Cecilia Brown (Prolife Alliance of Gays and Lesbians, pictured right). The Early Bird Registration deadline is July 11, and that will be especially important for people who want housing and meals on campus. For more information on the Conference program and registration, see the Conference Web site.


Quotation of the Week Daniel K Williams, Defenders of the Unborn, p. 182 [T]he most widely distributed pro-life book of the early 1970s, Jack & Barbara Willke’s Handbook on Abortion, listed “the polluting of our planet” as a social problem that needed to be addressed, along with racial discrimination and “The billions being spent on bombs instead of people.” [page 143 in the 1973 version (3rd edition)].


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