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#368 Two Conferences, Campaign Nonviolence - July 7, 2017

Announcing: Life/Peace/Justice 2017 This fall CLN member group Rehumanize International is hosting #LPJ2017 -- a conference on human rights & dignity. This weekend promises to challenge your apathy, increase your knowledge, expand your horizons, and dare you to think outside the box. Tickets are on sale now! Keep up to date with the Facebook event. Questions go to Rosemary Geraghty,, (412) 419-1483.

Life/Peace/Justice Conference


Our 30th Anniversary Conference – Less Than a Month Away! We hope you can join us! See our 30th anniversary conference website, "Creating a Holistic Culture of Life: Bridging the Life/Peace Divide," August 4-6 at Eastern University near Philadelphia. We have a fabulous line-up of speakers and the promise of active and stimulating attendees to network with. We do have financial assistance for those in need, plus child care. Questions? Email Lisa Stiller at If you want to participate, please register! If you can do so by July 11, that’s especially helpful, because that’s when we make our plans for how many are coming.

CLN 30th Anniversary Conference


Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions – Do You Have One to Add? This year we’ve seen consistent-lifers and pro-life feminists frozen out of co-sponsoring peace and feminist demonstrations; we always attend anyway, of course, or sponsor our own separately. Campaign Nonviolence, on the other hand, which sponsors an annual Week of Actions, still lists us as endorsers. As we detail on our blog post, however, in 2016 they removed without notice any actions involving abortion opposition, even if that action connects the dots between abortion and the Campaign’s core issues of war, racism, poverty, and climate change. Yet they do include other issues. As we explained in our blog post, if they take actions that include opposition to feticide down from their list, or never put them up, then we’ll put them up. They’ll still have recognition. This year’s Week of Actions is September 16-23. We have actions planned so far in Rochester, New York, and Kansas City, Missouri. We anticipate putting up a page on our web site this week on those actions, giving details for people who want to join and giving inspiration for people to plan more. Anyone who is thinking of pulling together a vigil, march, presentation to a group, or other action and would like to have included in the launch of the web page, please send it in as soon as you can. Actions can also always be added later, of course. Send information or questions to


Quotation of the Week from Pax Christi USA Official Statement on Abortion Pax Christi's opposition to abortion is based on a total commitment to the principle of unwavering reverence for human life. We reject . . . the claim of any individual, any group or organization, any nation to the "right" to destroy human life, whether singly or as entire populations. Having made this clear, we agree that our concern must not only ensure saving the lives of the not-yet-born but also include recognizing that every child must be assured the opportunity to meet their basic human needs . . . The fact that 40% of the homeless in the US are families with children cannot be overlooked in our present debate. . . . In the abortion debate, the societal conditions which limit women's options are often ignored. Women are too often criminalized or condemned by those committed to the unborn or exploited and victimized by those committed to abortion rights. The physical and psychological trauma of abortion on women is minimized and trivialized.


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