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#370 Wild Goose, Week of Actions, Wars Cause Abortion - July 21, 2017

Wild Goose For the 5th straight year, Board members Lisa Stiller and Bill Samuel staffed our exhibit at the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina, July 13-16. As the organizers explain, "The Wild Goose Festival is an art, music, and story-driven transformational experience grounded in faith-inspired social justice." It attracts more than 3,000 participants. We received a lot of supportive comments, had some interesting discussions, and got some sign-ups. Our 13.5 foot teardrop banner towered above all the exhibit tents, and ensured almost everyone saw our message. ​Darren Calhoun, who is a presenter at our upcoming conference, was there as a workshop presenter, facilitator for the People of Color gathering, and to help with music at the Main Stage. ​Bill and Lisa appreciated the opportunity to connect with him before our conference. We certainly think attendees will appreciate the opportunity to hear from and engage with him at our conference.

Wild Goose Festival CLN table


Week of Actions Web Page Now Up Despite having no policy posted to give people notice, Campaign Nonviolence started pulling down any actions that connected abortion to other forms of violence from their list of international actions. In response, we’re offering an outlet for people who want to participate in the Campaign’s Week of Actions (September 16-23) but wish to include opposition to abortion in the actions. For more details, see our blog post, Unconnecting a Dot. We have a modest start – two solid actions. We encourage people to look them over and see if this inspires them to add actions. Spread the word!


Our Conference is Just Two Weeks Away! The newest addition to our program, Mary Liepold, is a regional coordinator for Pax Christi. She’ll speak at the Saturday workshop addressing Peace, Pacifism, and Just War. She’s also on the Saturday morning panel on how we can successfully address the challenges we face in the Consistent Life movement. Mary joins a fine list of speakers, so check out the whole list. Yes, you can still register! If you want to be sure your accommodations at the university have linens and towels, get your registration in by July 27. And remember, if you need assistance to attend, email Lisa at We want you all to get there!


Latest CL Blog: Wars Cause Abortion Unborn children being bombed are in as much danger of death as other children. Pressures for deliberately induced abortion are higher in war-torn areas. Rape is used as a weapon in war, making abortion and infanticide of the resulting children more likely. This week’s blog post covers this – and how to counter it. This is a shortened version of Chapter 4 in the book, Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion. Since this book covers the science from both abortion-as-violence and abortion-as-option perspectives, it’s proven very useful for academic peace-movement people.


Quotation of the Week Mary Krane Derr “Activism throughout the Centuries” Chapter 13, Consistently Opposing Killing A woman-affirming CLE . . . is nothing entirely new. The ancient past holds some intriguing hints of such a CLE, even though today they are not always easy to read. History, after all, is written by the “victors.” In many times and places, aspirants to respect for all life have proved deeply challenging to entrenched social hierarchies, incurring every sort of negative reaction, from ridicule to execution and getting struck from the historical record.


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