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#371 Suffrage Dance, Maternity Coverage, Karma - July 28, 2017

Pro-life Feminists in Suffrage Centennial This comes from our member group Feminists Choosing Life of NY Action (FCLNY), reporting on July 25 from Rochester, NY: “As a pro-life feminist organization, FCLNY marched in solidarity with the New York State Suffrage Centennial parade participants . . . while also sharing the early feminists' pro-life stance." FCLNY showcased a dance performance of Susan B Anthony by the Mossa School of Dance. Mossa features the social silencing of women who dare to speak the truth to a culture immune to hearing unpopular voices. “Like Anthony, pro-life women’s voices are silenced today in the news and on social media,” says Michele Sterlace-Accorsi. “Anthony’s cry for equality was considered too bold. She was an extremist, a social reformer who disrupted society with her demand for women’s suffrage. Also, her opposition to abortion made her speak about subjects 19th century civil society shunned.” Pro-lifers made up 25% of all marchers (110 out of approximately 400).

NY State Suffrage Centennial parade


Maternity Coverage As debate roils about U.S. health care legislation, one assertion is that maternity coverage isn’t something people who “don’t need it” should be compelled to pay for. Specifically, men. There’s a direct connection between a high monetary price for continuing pregnancies and pressures for the “cheaper” option of terminating them (that is, killing the baby). But it goes deeper. Why do they think men don’t use maternity care? For every pregnancy, a man was involved. The idea that the pregnancy isn’t any of his concern is part of the “my body, my choice” mindset that hurts women by leaving them as solely responsible. Fathers may not experience direct medical pregnancy care, but they benefit from its availability every bit as much as mothers do. Additionally, we can all cover maternity care because we all benefit as a society from babies having a healthy start. That’s one of the many important ways of countering poverty.


Latest CL Blog We make a point of offering a diversity of views from the consistent-life perspective, including a wide variety of religious orientations. This week we offer a Hindu perspective with “Abortion and War are the Karma for Killing Animals.” Vasu Murti offers the “re-incarnationist” strategy for ending these forms of socially-approved violence, also using Christian and secular sources to make the basic point that violence toward any is at the root of violence toward all.


30th Anniversary Conference is Next Week! Yes, you can still register! We need a final count by today (Friday, July 28) for people staying overnight if you want linen/towels provided. (Otherwise, you can still register but bring your own linen for twin beds and towels). If you are commuting, it helps us to get your registration as soon as possible, but you can register the day of the conference (be prepared to pay for your meals). We really want you there! We have many fine speakers and workshops.


Quotation of the Week Elizabeth Cady Stanton “Infanticide,” Revolution, 29 January 1868. Note: in context, infanticide includes feticide. We are living to-day under a dynasty of force; the masculine element is everywhere overpowering the feminine, and crushing women and children alike beneath its feet. Let woman assert herself in all her native purity, dignity, and strength, and end this wholesale suffering and murder of helpless children.


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