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New Campaign: Alternatives to Planned Parenthood - October 16, 2017

Announcement: New Grassroots Campaign Countering the Violence of Planned Parenthood

Grassroots Defunding Campaign, Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood a Consistent Life Network Project

We’re peace activists dedicated to the pro-life cause. So when we think of strategies to stop abortion, we think the way peace activists think. We advocate nonviolence, which gains a major part of its power from noncooperation with violent institutions. We think about a constructive program of building up nonviolent institutions, so as they gain strength, the violent institutions weaken. Planned Parenthood (PP) operates the largest US chain of abortion clinics – over 300! PP is one of the largest advocacy organizations keeping abortion legally protected and socially tolerated. On those occasions when we’ve been told we can’t co-sponsor or participate in peace events because of our “anti-choice” views, it’s common that PP is one of the sponsors insisting on it. It’s even more common that PP is inspiring the attitude that shuts us down. Therefore: We have launched a web site which has a page for each of the states that have PP centers, plus one for Washington, DC, as found on PP’s own website. Each one is matched to all the suitable Community Health Centers (CHCs) listed as being nearby in the federal government’s find-your-healthcare web site. Sample top of page:

sample header from Alabama state page

We explain in more detail on the web site, and we offer action suggestions: Action: Ready to Go When there’s at least one good CHC that we can feel comfortable sending people to. Action: Needs Improvement Some CHCs offer frustrations we want to avoid putting people into; are there things we can do to make the CHCs more suitable as PP alternatives? Action: No CHCs Nearby We count 77 centers that have nothing nearby; can we find some alternative to PP or make an alternative? Action: How to Participate Starting local campaigns.

Here’s The Minimum We Ask You To Do

  • Forward this announcement to any individuals, listservs, or organizations you know personally who might be interested in the campaign. Adding a personal note is a nice touch.

We need information – say, “This CHC has a terrible reputation locally,” or “We already know this place has a well-deserved fantastic reputation,” or “The staff members strongly support PP and refer people there.” Or, for that matter, “This facility only does dental work,” or “This clinic closed down 6 months ago.” Also, are there perfectly good PP alternatives, good clinics or doctor offices for low-income women, that you know of that we should add? Not all of them will be on the federally-qualified list.

Here’s What People Who Are Excited about Doing More Can Do

  • We really need people to visit the CHCs, with a checklist of all the things we need to know about them. Which ones are good? Which ones could use specific improvements? Which ones should just be taken off the list?

And for People More Excited Yet

  • If you’d like to help run a local campaign to take actions that make women more likely to use an alternative to PP, ranging from leafletting to lobbying, see our “How to Participate” page, and be sure to call Rachel (number below).

If you’d like to discuss this by phone, please call:

Project Coordinator Rachel MacNair

816-753-2057 (Central Time Zone)


Responses/News tips/Questions to share are all welcome.Send to

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