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#400 Oscars, Dr. Who - March 2, 2018

Update on Grassroots Defunding This is a campaign for noncooperation with Planned Parenthood (PP) by finding alternatives for people to get needed medical services. We’ve matched every U.S. PP center with its nearby Community Health Centers (CHCs), and we’re working on adding Rural Health Clinics and other suitable clinics, especially where CHCs aren’t in the vicinity.

LGBT pro-life signs

LGBT Page Because PP has a reputation of being especially good for providing LGBT services, we have just started a page devoted to those CHCs (and other suitable clinics) who mention their own LGBT services on their web sites. Adding Web Page Info For our New York page, we have thoroughly checked the accuracy of the information on nearby CHCs by reviewing their Web sites. Is the information we got from the government web site accurate? We add more detailed information as a start to the homework that needs to be done to ascertain which clinics really do make good alternatives that we can feel comfortable sending women and men to. For those PP centers without CHCs in their vicinity, we’ve added info on web searches to find other clinics in the vicinity that might serve low-income people. We Need Help!

For those who like to chip in a bit, many hands make light work, and looking up the CHC web pages in your own state or region and getting us the information would really help. As always, anything you know about the reputation or practices of any of the proposed PP alternatives would be wonderful. Send to


The Oscars

Academy Award trophy

The Academy Awards are bestowed this Sunday, March 4. Hollywood movies rarely cover abortion, the death penalty, or euthanasia, so it’s not surprising that none touch on those topics this year. War, however, is a constant theme (both treated as justified and opposing). Racism and poverty are also common themes. For Best Picture this year, Dunkirk and Darkest Hour, both covering similar events, are in the glorifying-war category. The Post, on the other hand, is about how The Washington Post wound up publishing the Pentagon Papers, released to them by Daniel Ellsberg who hoped they would turn the public against the Vietnam War. Get Out has a definite anti-racism theme, but it’s in the horror movie genre, where several killings are normal. We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there are some excellent Short Live Action films this year. In past years, we’ve covered: 2012, several Short Documentaries on healing from horrific violence

2014, Best Picture nominee Philomena 2016, Day One, a Short Live Action that portrays how war hurts unborn children 2017, Short Documentaries – four on dealing bravely and nonviolently with war, and one on end-of-life care decisions.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Doctor Who

Andrew Hocking

Continuing the theme of consistent-life commentary on drama, Andrew Hocking offers Three Nonviolent Lessons from Doctor Who.


Quotation of the Week David Brooks The Abortion Memo, The New York Times, February 1, 2018 Before Roe v. Wade, the abortion debate looked nothing like it does today. Many leading anti-abortion groups were on the left. The first pro-life rally on the National Mall was organized by the National Youth Pro-Life Coalition, which a co-founder described as “an extremely liberal group.” The National Catholic Welfare Conference endorsed a platform that included a right to a living wage, a right to collective bargaining and a right to life from the moment of conception. . . . But then everything polarized. The pro-life movement grew on the right and withered on the left.


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