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#402 So many protests! - March 16, 2018

Adding to the March for Our Lives It has been heartening to see so many young people – sometimes very young people in elementary school – take action on March 14 with a giant USA nationwide school walk-out to protest gun violence. Any outburst of enthusiasm opposing killing is much needed, and will hopefully lead these young people to be engaged in social justice causes throughout their lives. Several pro-life peace groups and people are coming together on Friday, March 23, 7 pm, to hold a vigil at the West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC to take a stand against gun violence. Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a Consistent Life Network endorser, is leading the effort, and sponsoring groups include CLN, the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute, Church on the Hill, and American Solidarity Party. If you are in the DC area, or planning on coming for the March 24 March for Our Lives, please join us! And follow the CLN Facebook page for updates on the vigil.


Pro-lifers for Peace Vigil in Washington, DC CLN held its quarterly peace vigil to protest against nuclear weapons on March 10. The anti-nuclear vigil merged with another ongoing vigil, sponsored by member group Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore against killing by armed drones. The vigil featured speakers from a variety of co-sponsoring groups, including not only CLN and Pax Christi, but the American Solidarity Party, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, Dorothy Day Caucus, Franciscan Action Network, and CLN member Rehumanize International. The turnout for the combined vigils was good, and we attracted a fair amount of attention from passersby. We also received media attention from HispanTV, which gave the vigil significant coverage, including an interview with CLN President John Whitehead (news story is in Spanish). The next quarterly vigil will be June 9, so if you’ll be in the vicinity, mark your calendars.

March 10 DC anti-nuke, anti-drones vigil


All Ireland Rally for Life

Participant in All Ireland Rally for Life

With a threat of abortion legalization looming, a record-breaking crowd of over 100,000 gathered in Ireland to oppose it. Our endorser Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa was one of the speakers (see part of her speech here). This photo was posted on the Rally’s Facebook page.


Latest CLN Blog Post Carol Crossed shares her recent speech at an event at our member group the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum: Valentine Friends – Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. She covers some of the historical dynamics of the interplay between women’s rights and racial justice.

Susan B. Anthony coin and Frederick Douglass stamp

Quotation of the Week Frank Lesko Abandoning Trench Warfare: 8 Ways to Find Common Ground in the Abortion Debate Sunday, March 11, 2018 There are some pro-life supporters who are very inconsistent—they seem to be against abortion but rarely invest time or energy in other "life" issues, even those that may yield less abortions. You could make the same argument on the other side—why are some on the left so concerned with just about every social injustice except for the unborn baby in their own body?


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