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#425 Military Parade, Foundation, Mr. Rogers - August 24, 2018

A Peace March Instead of a War Parade CLN recently became a co-sponsor of the campaign to “Stop Trump’s Military Parade!” Organized in response to President Trump’s plans to hold a military parade on November 10, the campaign aims not only to stop the parade but to rally activists in opposition to war and militarism and in support of peace. Just two days after the public announcement of the campaign, the good news arrived: the military parade will not be held this year. Encourage your own organizations to sign on to the campaign! The more we can have consistent-life contingents at peace marches, the better.

CLN banner at march


Walking the Walk: The Consistent Life Action Foundation We’re happy to announce a new CLN project: the Consistent Life Action Foundation (CLAF). CLAF provides material help to those threatened or affected by lethal violence: pregnant women and their unborn children; death row inmates; refugees, veterans, and others affected by war; the sick, elderly, and disabled; and more. So far, we’ve given grants to Precious Children of Portland, which provides financial and moral support to new mothers in need and their children, unborn and born: and the Mercy in Action Project of the Catholic Mobilizing Network, which organizes clemency appeals for death row prisoners. If you or your group are working to directly help vulnerable people like those mentioned above, you may be eligible for a CLAF grant; fill out an application. The CLAF steering committee will review and follow up within a few weeks. CLAF, a separate division of CLN's budget funded by a special donation, needs additional donor support to continue its work. If you want to support this kind of grassroots work for life, we’re accepting targeted donations to CLAF—as well as general contributions to CLN to help where the need is greatest. Please contact us at with any questions.

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California Conference The Let There Be Life pro-life conference will be held at the University of California Berkeley on Saturday, September 8, 8 AM to 6 PM with an evening film festival. Our sympathizers are among the organizers and presenters.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Mister Rogers In another of his posts looking at consistent-life themes in video literature, Andrew Hocking offers How to Value People Like Mister Rogers. A recent popular documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, and an upcoming movie starring Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers have given this loving man more attention. Hocking shows this deep consistency transcends politics.


Quotation of the Week Richard M. Doerflinger A Distinctive Catholic Vision for Politics Human Life Review, Spring 2018 Where did we get this corrosive climate, in which people can ignore contrary arguments about any issue simply by asserting the worthlessness of any human being who gets in the way of their own goals and desires? Theories will differ. Personally I would offer this: We have had one of the world’s most extreme policies allowing the destruction of unexpected or inconvenient unborn children for over four decades now. . . We are the only Western nation that still regularly uses the death penalty as a response to crime. In recent decades there have been powerful and well-funded campaigns, successful in five states and the District of Columbia, to have society declare that a good way to get rid of the problems of terminally ill patients is to assist them in getting rid of themselves . . . . Isn’t it likely that these developments have led some people to think they have a right to treat inconvenient other people as worthless compared to themselves?


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