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#430 Pregnancy in Prison, Abortion & Rape Culture - September 28, 2018

Pregnancy in Prison - Life Matters Journal

Life Matters Journal Sept 2018 cover

To mark the National Prison Strike, the latest edition of Life Matters Journal (the magazine of member group Rehumanize International) focuses on the human rights of the incarcerated, and how these rights are often violated. Articles cover topics such as the treatment of pregnant women in prison, sexual abuse in prison, sterilization of incarcerated people, the detention of people trying to enter the United States, and the harvesting of prisoners' organs in China. A reminder: Rehumanize is sponsoring a Life/Peace/Justice Conference October 12-14 in Pittsburgh, and those interested need to register.


September 26: International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Activities for the 2018 International Day took place all over the world. This year, several nations which had ratified the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons held signing ceremonies on that day.

United Nations


Latest CLN Blog Post:

How Abortion is Useful for Rape Culture Controversy swirls around the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape when he was a teenager. While there are many aspects of this to comment on, Rachel MacNair takes a particular interest in the supposition by many pundits that such an anti-woman act (if true) somehow goes with his presumed opposition to Roe v. Wade. To the contrary, Rachel points out in her post “How Abortion is Useful for Rape Culture” that it’s the pro-abortion stance that works to the detriment of women faced with sexual violence (and she uses a true story to illustrate.)


Quotation of the Week Michael Cook They shoot horses, don’t they?: If the stress of euthanizing animals drives some vets to suicide, what will happen to euthanasia doctors? Mercatornet: Navigating Modern Complexities, August 10, 2018 Every year, about 1.5 million cases of euthanasia take place in the United States. . . . Sorry, about 1.5 million cases of cat and dog euthanasia take place. . . . “Veterinarians are four times more likely than members of the general population and two times more likely than other health professionals to die by suicide,” [Suicide and Life-Threatening Behaviour] ... How many times have we all heard the argument, “They shoot horses, don’t they?” Its logic is that if the suffering of animals and humans is essentially the same, they both should be released from suffering in the same way. “You wouldn’t let a dog suffer like this.” But if the animal-human parallel works for the patient, why not the doctor? If we allow euthanasia, surely we can expect the same burn-out rates and the same suicide rates as veterinarians – at least the same. That should scare us all – especially the doctors who will be responsible.


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