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#437 Unplanned the Movie, Human Rights, Gendercide - November 16, 2018

Unplanned: The Movie Mark your calendars! Due out March 22, 2019, the Hollywood movie Unplanned, based on CL Endorser Abby Johnson’s book of the same name, tells her story of being the manager of a Planned Parenthood center who became an active pro-lifer. While having its own merits, it’s also a good follow-up to the recent Gosnell movie, in that abortion proponents have reacted to the horrors of Gosnell’s clinic by saying the shocking conditions there show the need for more reputable places like Planned Parenthood. This movie shows that “more reputable” is still a horror story for women.


International Human Rights Day Ward Ricker of Human Rights for All Ages, when thinking of massive abortion, asks, “When will we put an end to this horror? We can't do it as long as the ‘human rights’ organizations, including the U.N., maintain the ‘high ground’ and claim that killing one's child is actually a human right. We need to challenge this paradigm.” December 10 every year is International Human Rights Day. This is a good time to educate about the consistent life ethic, with your own events or by joining events that others are hosting.


Quakers Connecting The Quaker pro-life group (and our member group) Friends Witness for a Pro-life Peace Testimony has just added a new page to its website with quotations on the connection between abortion and racism. This adds to their series on abortion connections with nuclear weapons, weaponized drones, and the death penalty. They also have a very effective page that has abortion providers connecting abortion to war – as a way of justifying abortion.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Art Exhibit on Gendercide

An art exhibit at the recent Parliament of the World’s Religions was a stark portrayal of the world-wide problem of sex-selection abortions, along with myriad similar ways that women are targeted for early death or outright killing. Rachel MacNair attended and took photos, so we have an artistic post this week: Gendercide: Millions of “Missing” (Dead) Women.


Quotation of the Week Tom Streithorst War Doesn’t Make Sense Any More The American Conservative, July 18, 2018 The Pentagon budget creates jobs in almost every congressional district, giving congressmen solid reasons to support budget increases . . . Today the primary purpose of the military is not to win wars but to stimulate the domestic economy and make our leaders look manly. These are pathetic reasons to put our sons and daughters into harm’s way, not to mention slaughter the children of strangers.

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