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#440 Troublemaking Again, Senate Anti-War Vote - December 7, 2018

Once Again – The Women’s March Our member group, New Wave Feminists, became co-sponsors of the Women’s March in 2016 for four whole days before they were caught at it – it being easy to catch, since they were upfront about their pro-life views all along. Kicking them out as co-sponsors got much publicity. Of course, they still participated in the March, and found many other women perturbed at how they were treated. Now Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa has written an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News: “Anti-abortion feminist wants to return to Women’s March despite swirling controversy.


Good News: Historic First for U.S. Senate and War Millions are in danger of bombs and starvation in Yemen. Saudi Arabia leads the attack, with the United States aiding Saudis primarily by re-fueling the airplanes doing the bombing. On November 28, 2018, for the first time in its history, the U.S. Senate voted to advance legislation to withdraw U.S. military forces from an unauthorized war. Using the War Powers Resolution. the Sanders-Lee-Murphy legislation (S.J.Res. 54) moved forward with a vote of 63-37! In March, Senators declined to take up the same measure, 55-44.


Progress on Case Connecting Abortion and Discrimination The U.S. state of Indiana in 2016 passed HEA 1337, banning abortion for the sole reasons of the child’s race, sex, national origin, or disability. This is a ban on “selective” abortion – it’s not that the woman wants not to be pregnant, but is aborting because of a feature of the fetus. They can also be called eugenic abortions. The issue isn’t just abortion, then, but whether forms of discrimination that aren’t allowed elsewhere will be allowed here. If so, how does that impact advocacy against discrimination? This was taken to court and declared unconstitutional by the 7th Circuit in 2017. It may well be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court. A brief had been filed by 18 state attorneys-general and a governor asking the high court to accept the case and vote in favor of the law.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Elizabeth Cady Stanton The term “reproductive justice” was recently coined by people who favor abortion availability to expand beyond abortion to other areas involving actual reproductive rights. We think that once killing the unborn child is removed from the concept – since that’s an injustice to the child and everyone else involved – much of what’s normally advocated with “reproductive justice” can be an appropriate part of pro-life activism. It may also help reduce abortions.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) was way ahead of us. As an early women’s rights advocate and friend of Susan B. Anthony, she asserted that the solution to the “murder of helpless children,” born and unborn, lay in the “independence of woman.” This week we offer an excerpt from the book, ProLife Feminism: Yesterday and Today. Mary Krane Derr offers a short introduction, and then we have Stanton’s writing.


Quotation of the Week Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa Anti-abortion feminist wants to return to Women’s March despite swirling controversy Dallas Morning News, November 30, 2018 If patriarchy stems from the belief that “might makes right” then abortion grows from that same toxic root. Just because we are bigger and stronger and the unborn child is voiceless and statusless, we should not be able to use violence against them. The more interviews I did, and the more I talked about my group's consistent life ethic (we also oppose war, torture, and the death penalty), the more left-leaning media outlets started asking for interviews, too.

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