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#442 Pay for Posts, PP Alternatives, Life Matters - January 4, 2019

Latest CLN Blog Posts – and We Now Pay for Posts We’ve published two recently: ∞ a holiday one on Charles Dickens ∞ John Whitehead on The Wages of War, Part 2: How Forced Sterilization came to Japan.

We’ve taken pride in our blog's diversity of topics and authors. We’re trying to add to that diversity by offering a $25 payment for each post accepted. We hope his helps people who’ve had a good post in mind to prioritize getting it written. See guidelines at the bottom of our lists of posts.


Alternatives to Planned Parenthood The final tally for 2018 is that 11 PP centers closed, and three opened, for a net loss of 8. This is part of a steady trend of net losses in recent years. We’ve updated our Grassroots Defunding website by adding Rural Health Clinics (almost finished) and are starting to add teaching hospitals. We’ve added another blog post – Quickly Documenting What PP Offers. See our list of posts for this campaign (separate from the CLN blog). For those who haven’t done so yet, we ask you to take a moment to find your state page and look over what we have so far. Is there any piece of information we should have – a good alternative missing, a CHC listed that has a good or bad reputation locally, practical considerations on locations? What we have there is only what we find on the web, and people on the ground know better. Any tidbit of information helps. Send to Meanwhile, the New York Times published an interesting piece called Planned Parenthood Is Accused of Mistreating Pregnant Employees(December 20, 2018).


Life Matters Journal – New Issue Out, plus Annual Art Issue

Volume 6, Issue 8: This issue of the consistent-life ethic journal explores the meaning behind peace. From institutional violence to everyday action and inaction, learn more about the intricate complexities behind a peaceful world and what it means to abolish violence. Create | Encounter 2018: The winners of Rehumanize International’s recent creative arts contest are featured in the second annual issue on using arts for the consistent life ethic or any of its issues.


March for Life: Plans are Forming Chicago, January 13: We normally have a consistent-life contingent, and we have a person attending the Rose Dinner the night before. Washington, D.C., January 17-19: We have exhibit booths at the Expo, the O’Connor conference, and the Students for Life conference, as well as a contingent in the March and a post-March get-together. Our member group Rehumanize International will sponsor their normal March-day rally and have other events as well. West Coast Walk for Life, January 26: We currently have no plans, but if any of our sympathizers would like to have a consistent-life presence there, we’d be delighted to work with you. Watch this space for further details. If you know you’ll be there and would like to hook up, please let us know at


Quotation of the Week Dan Berrigan (1921-2016) Daniel Berrigan: Essential Writings edited by CLN Endorser John Dear, published by Orbis Books, 2009, p. 187

It's terrible for me to live in a time where I have nothing to say to human beings except, “Stop killing.” There are other beautiful things that I would love to be saying to people. There are other projects I could be very helpful at. And I can't do them. I cannot. Because everything is endangered . . . We are not allowed to kill. Everything today comes down to that – everything.

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