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#447 Late-Term, Yemen - February 8, 2019

The Tragic New Law & Bill The recent late-term abortion bills in the U.S. states of New York and Virginia generated some notable commentary from our member groups:


Cuomo Defends Recent New York Law Because of negative remarks in the U.S. President’s State of the Union address last Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote an editorial defending the law in The New York Times the following morning. CLN Vice President Rachel MacNair sent in the following unpublished letter in response: I'm a Quaker pacifist who last November lobbied on the Hill in favor of protecting the food stamp program, at the direction of our long-established Quaker lobbying group. I also pressed my senators on how important was the upcoming bill to help end atrocities in Yemen. So I can't relate to Gov. Cuomo's idea that I shouldn't let my religion influence my lobbying. Quakers have no consensus on abortion. Personally, I view opposing abortion as in the same category as opposing war. Both are violence, against mothers and babies. "Choice" can be a cruel way of telling a woman she's on her own - the baby's father can get away with being a jerk, and the rest of us can get away with not providing needed social services. Calling me "far right" is untenable. Cuomo's using a stereotype many of us don't fit to make his argument. How well does his argument hold without the stereotype?


Stopping War in Yemen Last December, the U.S. Senate voted to stop U.S. participation in the Saudi-led war on Yemen, but the House refused to take it up. Now the House likely will, and we have a historic opportunity to get Congress to take action on this issue. For our U.S. readers, please let your representatives know how important this is!


Upper: Fannie Lou Hamer, baby, Obianuju Ekeocha

Lower: Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr.


Latest CLN Blog Post: A Friendly Approach Richard Stith recounts his adventures in dealing with a local production of the play Keely & Du, commonly understood as having a theme attacking pro-life views. He uses this as an example to illustrate the importance of a positive rather than a scolding way of interacting in “A Friendly Approach.”


Quotation of the Week Ezekiel J. Emanuel, cancer specialist and Obama healthcare advisor Whose Right to Die? The Atlantic, March, 1997 Broad legalization of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia would have the paradoxical effect of making patients seem to be responsible for their own suffering. Rather than being seen primarily as the victims of pain and suffering caused by disease, patients would be seen as having the power to end their suffering by agreeing to an injection or taking some pills; refusing would mean that living through the pain was the patient’s decision, the patient’s responsibility. Placing the blame on the patient would reduce the motivation of caregivers to provide the extra care that might be required, and would ease [their] guilt if the care fell short.

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