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#464 Why Only Clinics?, Aladdin June 7, 2019

Odd Point: Only Clinics? The media hubbub about the only remaining abortion clinic in Missouri has emphasized how it’s the last clinic left. If it goes, there are no more abortion providers in Missouri. Never mind the safety violations there. But they mainly don’t address this question: why are abortions only done in specified clinics? Decades ago, they were commonly done in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Over time, the killing has become concentrated, due to various reasons, including pro-life protests and legislation. This fits the pattern Rachel MacNair predicted in her book, Achieving Peace in the Abortion War, and explained online in First Things: “Our Pro-life Future: A Plan for Building on Pro-life Success.” She explains the decline in the abortion business, and why it is that we can be more effective by pointing out the decline. People then feel safer about hearing anti-abortion reasoning. Many have been ringing alarm bells with what they think is a call to action in favor of abortion provision. But the between-the-lines message is to document how very much against social mores abortion is becoming.


Videos Up on Grassroots Defunding Website Project coordinator Rachel MacNair explained the campaign to find alternatives to Planned Parenthood for all their non-abortion medical services, primarily with Community Health Centers, at a conference of our member group Democrats for Life last July. The full 25-minute video is up on the homepage at We also have shorter clips throughout the site at appropriate spots. Be sure to check out your own state to see what alternatives we’ve matched your local PP centers with, along with ideas of what to do about it.


Joining Disability-Rights and Pro-Life Activism In “Why Don’t Pro-life and Disability Rights Groups Work Together More Often?,” Fr. Matthew Schneider writes on how defending the disabled naturally connects to efforts against abortion and euthanasia/assisted suicide. Nevertheless, activists for these causes are frequently at odds. He mentions member group Rehumanize International. The article features a photo of CLN Board member Sarah Terzo (we offer our own photo of her below).

Sarah Terzo speaks at the rally of Rehumanize International held in conjunction with the 2019 March for Life. Standing to the left: Aimee Murphy; to the right, John Whitehead.


Campaign against 1,500th U.S. Execution Good news! The U.S. state of New Hampshire just abolished the death penalty (the legislature over-rode the governor’s veto), making it the 21st U.S. state to be capital-punishment free. Action news – We’re co-sponsoring an anti-death penalty campaign organized by Death Penalty Action. The campaign is mobilizing people against the 1,500th execution in the United States since 1977, when capital punishment was re-instated by the U.S. Supreme Court. This execution will likely be in 2019. CLN endorser Shane Claiborne is also a co-sponsor. Please consider signing the campaign’s petition against this execution and the death penalty generally; donating to the campaign; or having your own organization endorse the campaign.


Latest CLN Blog Post: Aladdin and Jasmine While many reviewers have noted the stronger leadership role for Princess Jasmine in the 2019 live-action version of Disney’s Aladdin, those of us with a focus on nonviolence note that the theory of power that nonviolence relies on to work was clearly portrayed in the film. Rachel MacNair expounds on the theme in Jasmine, Aladdin, and the Power of Nonviolence


Quotation of the Week The Sign of Peace, Catholic Peace Fellowship, 2009 From the battlefield to the medical field There is no distinction between the battlefield and the medical field when it comes to intentionally taking the lives of the innocent.

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