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#476 Elections August 30, 2019

As an Independent: Consistent-Life Candidate for U.S. President At our table at the Wild Goose Festival back in 2015, a fellow named Mark Charles came by our table and made an impression. This is what we said at the time: Bill Samuel reports: “Mark Charles, the Navajo Founder and Director of 5 Small Loaves, pointed out that foundational American documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution dehumanize groups of people such as Native Americans and African-Americans. The 14th Amendment eliminated some of this from the Constitution but Charles pointed out that the Amendment was used in the 1970s to dehumanize the unborn.” Here’s a tweet from a couple of years later:

As a non-profit group we don’t make endorsements, but we do offer information about candidates and where they stand on our issues. For more information: Campaign website, including presidential candidate announcement video His blog: Wireless Hogan Several posts with Sojourners Interview with Native American Calling July 26, 2019 - 45 minutes, audio (scroll down to select) Interview with Native Opinion July 13, 2019 - 2 hours, audio At the Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Candidate Forum last week – 49 minutes, video


Elections: Referendums In the U.S., referendums that are likely to be on the state-wide ballots next year could have a huge impact on policy. Though referendums tend to be focused on narrow aspects of single issues, our connecting-issue approach could be valuable in persuading some voters who would otherwise not be persuaded. These referendum questions are only in the works right now; signatures are being gathered, or legislatures are being lobbied. We don’t yet know what will be on state ballots. We’re aware of six possible ballot measures dealing directly with abortion. We don’t know of any on the death penalty or euthanasia/assisted suicide yet. More indirect referendums on racism, poverty, and the use of weapons of war on city streets might add to the list of those we want to educate people about. If you know of any referendums of possible interest to consistent-lifers, please bring them to our attention at This also applies to referendums in other countries and at any time.


Elections: Action! Elections in any country and at any time are a prime opportunity to educate candidates and the public – questions at forums, letters to the editor, comments on blogs, etc. We have a page of action suggestions specifically focused on elections.


Latest CLN Blog Post: One Child Nation There’s a new documentary out about the cruelty of China’s policy of allowing families to only have one child. John Whitehead reviews this in A War on the People: A Review of One Child Nation.


Quotation of the Week Laura Hollis Death is Not the Answer Jewish World Review, August 22, 2019 (also Creators Syndicate)

The embrace of death as solution is not a phenomenon that admits easily of "left versus right" political — or even cultural — divisions. Americans on the right often defend the death penalty just as vehemently as the left cheerleads for abortion. (Euthanasia and assisted suicide seem to have advocates and opponents in every conceivable political camp.) . . . How easily we accept the conclusion that death is the answer to our most serious problems. Unwanted baby? Kill it. Have an incurable disease? Kill yourself. Commit a heinous crime? The government should kill you. These precedents — and the assumptions about human life that underlie them — should frighten us. Instead, we find ourselves pushed into accepting them as normal — even as positive.

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